Adventures of Working Wife

I obeyed him. I adjusted my duppatta such that my face was covered with eyes open and entire neck was open, it was showing good amount of cleavage. The idea of exposing to some cheap crowd at place was turning me on. I saw javed has went out, I also came out immediately. I saw the timing it was 1.30 am. We started walking towards the entrance, with every step my heart beats were increasing. As we reached the entrance I saw there was a small counter like arrangement basically big table and behind that a guy was standing. He seemed to be around 35 yrs old with good physic but dark as hell, as I enter I saw his eyes were fixed on my cleavage, my mangalsutra being short it was visible to him in open neck. I was having mixed emotions of shyness and arousal, I lowered my eyes n looked towards javed, it seems he was enjoying this.

Counter Guy: Javed bhai bahut dino baad aaye. (Javed you came after long time)
J: Ha bhai aj kal busy ho gaya hu. (ya got little busy)
CG: Aur ye maal kaha mila tumko? Pehle kabhi dekha nahi? (Where did you get this chick, never seen her before?)
J: Are ye apni personal setting hai randi nahi. (This is my personal setting not whore)
CG: Jabardast maal pataya bhai tune. (You got hot chick this time)
J: Ha chal jaldi room de timepass mat kar. (Give me room keys don’t waste time)
He gave the keys to Javed 
CG: Bhai second floor 203 number
We started walking towards stairs there wasn’t proper lighting so I was walking carefully. Suddenly Javed grabbed my ass n said
A: Randi chal jaldi yahi raat gujarni hai kya? (Slut walk fast, you wanna spend night in stairs or what?)

I paced up my walk n looking at stairs, people have spited there a lot of pan and tobacco. The walls were colored red with their stains, I saw few condoms dropped here n there in stairs. Finally we reached to our room, I was pretty excited n hugged him as soon as we entered the room.
J: Sali Amruta tuze dekh k lagta nahi k teri chut me itni aag lag rehti hai. (Amruta you doesn’t look like so much horny woman)
A: aapne meri aag bhadka di hai javed ji, jaldi se ise buza do. (You had made my so much horny now quench my thirst fast)

But it seems that he was in no hurry, he pushed me aside n said 
J: Don’t worry today we have ample of time n I shall make sure of fucking the hell out of you. But we are in no hurry, I don’t wanna rush today as we have good place and time so let’s relax.
A: ya that’s true we will have some quality time in “Relax Lodge”.
I winked saying this, he too smiled back siting on the bed. I went near him n put my hands around him, he pulled me in embrace we went kissing like long lost lovers. 

He removed my duppatta completely while kissing my lips n his mouth then slid to my neck the sensitive area, this was enough for my pussy to start leaking. My one hand went to his shirt n started opening the buttons, while his hands were busy with my boobs he was softly handling them. 
This experience was new for me as till date we never had time and space to enjoy the luxury of the foreplay.

 He pushed his one hand inside of my kurti n was caressing my belly, I was feeling ticklish. He came back to my lips n I pushed my tongue in his s mouth our tongues played for some time.
 Heat was building inside me, as his another hand went to my as on my leggings he started kneading them like manic.

J: Amruta you have very sexy ass. 
A: It’s your dear javed ji, now please take me.
J: Are itni kya jaldi hai Sali ruk to aj jam k maje luga tere aur batauga k Javed ki randi itna aasan nahi hai. (Why so much hurry slut today I am going to use full n let u know that being my slut isn’t easy)

 He then pushed me aside n called someone, I later realized he called up the counter guy. 
J: Bhai Javed bol raha hu mere room me mast beer bhej aur gold flake ka packet. (This is javed, send chilled beer n pack of cigarette to my room)

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