Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 12

The line to get into Baja Salsa was long, but it was ladies’ night (Michael later found out it was always ladies’ night there), so they were ushered to the front of the line. Heads turned as they walked in. Jen looked gorgeous, wearing a light sundress. It was held up by thin spaghetti straps, and it ended mid-thigh. She finished the outfit with ankle strap high heels. Under the dress, she wore a strapless bra and lacy silk panties.

They found a table, and immediately a man walked up and asked Jen to dance. A few moments after she declined, another man asked her. “I can’t believe how bold these men are,” she said to Michael after she declined the second man’s invitation. “I mean, I’m wearing a wedding ring, and I’m sitting next to you.”

Michael was annoyed too, but intrigued as well. He shrugged, and then after studying the menus for a few minutes, they ordered some food.

Then, in quick succession, two more men asked Jen to dance. Michael and Jen laughed at how ridiculous it was. When yet another man asked Jen to dance, Michael laughed again. “You might as well say yes, honey. I don’t think they’re going to stop asking until you dance with one of them.”

Jen laughed too, and followed the man on to the dance floor. Michael watched them dance a fast number. Then a slow song started, and the man whispered into Jen’s ear. Jen shook her head, and then returned to the table.

“What did he say?” Michael asked.

“He asked me to dance a slow song, but I said I needed to get back to you.”

As they waited for their food, Michael and Jen danced a fast song, and then a slow one. As they sat down, their food arrived. Jen was going through a part of the pregnancy where she didn’t have much of an appetite. It actually felt better for her to move, than sit. So, when another man asked her to dance, Michael said, “Go ahead honey, I’m eating anyway.”

Michael watched them dance a fast song, and then another. Gradually they got lost in the crowd. A few more songs passed, and Jen still hadn’t returned. Curious, Michael got up and moved through the crowd. Finally he saw Jen. She was dancing with a man, but it wasn’t the man she had left with. His throat went dry when he realized the man was Fernando.

The song was a fast one, but Jen and Fernando were dancing slowly. Their bodies were close, almost touching. They seemed deep in conversation, speaking into each other’s ear to be heard over the crowd and music. “Maybe they’re just talking about that afternoon’s dive,” Michael thought.

Then Michael watched as Fernando traced a finger along one of Jen’s spaghetti straps. Jen stopped him as his finger got closer to the swell of her bosom. Jen shook her head no, and Fernando laughed. He put his arm around her waist and began leading her to the back of the club. Jen stopped him and asked a question. Fernando’s answer seemed to reassure her, as she let him lead her to the back of the club.

Michael followed, careful to keep people between them so he couldn’t be spotted. They stopped at a wall, and it looked like Jen assumed they would both stand against it and people watch for a little while. Instead, Fernando maneuvered Jen so her back was against the wall, but he stayed in front of her, their bodies almost touching. He lowered his head to hers. It looked like he was whispering into her ear. After a few moments, Jen became agitated. She seemed to speak harshly at Fernando, and she held up her left hand, showing him her wedding ring. Fernando laughed, and again leaned close and whispered into her ear. Jen began looking agitated again, an almost frantic look on her face, like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. Michael wondered what was going on, and then realized he hadn’t seen Fernando’s hands since he cornered Jen against the wall.

Just then, a dancing couple accidentally bumped into Fernando, pushing him aside. Jen seemed to come to her senses, and she quickly walked away. Michael rushed through the crowd to beat his wife to their table.

“Hi honey, where have you been?” Michael asked. “I was getting worried.”

“I’m sorry,” Jen said, her cheeks flushed. “I really liked the music, I must have lost track of time.”

Michael noticed his wife didn’t mention being with Fernando, sparking his feelings of jealousy, and also increasing his dark lust. He could tell his wife’s nipples were hard, even though her bra and dress. He wondered if her panties were wet. He knew they probably were. The thought made him almost lightheaded with lust.


Their sex that night had been passionate, but brief. Michael was so aroused he came after just a few strokes.

The next morning, Michael’s insecurities and feelings of hurt and jealous set in again. But as he thought of how Fernando had flirted with his wife at the dance club, and where his hands had been and what they might have been doing, Michael starting getting turned on again. He checked his email. His boss needed a report, but he could easily have his secretary do it. But then he thought again about Fernando, and what the concierge had said: “Take my advice, senor, keep Fernando away from your wife. He likes married women, if you know what I mean.”

With his heart in his throat, Michael called out to his new bride. “Honey, my boss wants me to prepare a report today.”

“Oh no,” Jen said, wrapping her arms around Michael’s neck. “It’s our honeymoon. How long will it take?”

“I’m the only one who can do it, because it’s in my area,” Michael lied. “It’ll take me at least until the afternoon.”

Jen looked disappointed, and Michael saw his chance. “Hey, I have an idea,” he said in a cheery voice. “You liked snorkeling so much yesterday. Why don’t we call the dive instructor … what was his name, Fernando? He can give you another tour today.”

“I don’t know,” Jen said hesitantly, looking to the side to avoid Michael’s eyes. “I’m not sure if I liked him that much.”

“Oh come on, he was great, and he said there was a sunken ship somewhere. There’s probably great snorkeling there, he could take you there.”

“Well, I don’t know …” Jen said hesitantly, but Michael thought he could detect a hint of excitement in her voice.

“Honey, I can finish the report faster if you’re not in the room. You go get ready, and I’ll call the dive shop and set up the tour.”

Jen came out of the bedroom a few minutes later. Michael saw she had brushed her blonde hair to a silky glean, and had even put on makeup. He also detected a hint of perfume. She had picked her skimpiest string bikini to wear. All of the bikinis she had bought for their honeymoon showed a lot of skin, but on this one, the triangles covering her breasts were a tad smaller. The bikini was better suited for a day lounging around the pool, not going snorkeling.

Michael pretended not to notice how Jen had dolled herself up. He kept his eyes on his computer, pretending to work. Jen, for her part, moved quickly through their room, seemingly hoping her husband wouldn’t notice how she had fixed her hair or put on makeup.

Michael got the binoculars out and watched Fernando help Jen onto his boat. Apparently, they needed to sail to the sunken ship. Fernando was shirtless, but wasn’t wearing the Speedos. Instead, he wore loose shorts.

The next four hours were misery for Michael. He couldn’t stop imagining what Fernando might be doing to his new bride. Was he kissing her, at that very moment? Was he fondling her breasts? Was he fucking her? Or maybe his cock had already been inside her, and now he was in her mouth, getting hard again for another go at her recently married pussy.

He beat off repeatedly. He’d cum, and then regret and self-loathing would set in. Then he’d think about what Fernando might be doing with Jen (or watch one of the videos of Jen with David or Jen with Jacques, or think about Jen’s laddered stockings at their wedding reception, or about the smell of cum on her bridal bustier), and he’d get aroused, and beat off again.

Around 1, Michael saw the boat return. Fernando helped Jen off the boat, and then said something to her. Jen shook her head no, then starting walking to their room.

Michael thought for a moment, then made a quick decision. He quickly wrote a note and left it on the desk. He grabbed his camcorder then hid in the closet, making sure to leave a gap in the door so he would have a complete view of the bed.


“Michael?” Jen called as she entered the hotel room. She saw the note on the desk and read it: “Hi honey – I have to go into town and find an Internet café to do some research for the report. I’ll be back in time for dinner. Love, Michael”

Jen let the note drop to the floor, then sat on the edge of the bed, looking off into space, not knowing what to do. She felt anxious and edgy, like she was going out of her mind. Her body was shouting at her, pleading with her, constantly reminding her of its needs, and begging her for release and satisfaction. She did her best to keep her body in check, but she felt like her mind and heart were losing their battle with her body.

It had started the night before the wedding, with David. She saw him now for what he really was, and she promised never to speak to him again. But his fondling and groping, and the blowjob she had given him, had lit a match on her body’s desires.

Things got worse yesterday, when she met Fernando. She was attracted to him immediately. Ruggedly handsome, lean and muscular, his skin leathered from the sun and salt water, his hands strong and calloused from hard work, brimming with confidence to the point of arrogance. The type of man that had always attracted her. She knew such men were bad for her, but she couldn’t help being attracted to them.

Yesterday while snorkeling, he had taken every opportunity to touch her and rub himself against her. Yes, he had aroused her, but it would have ended there. But then, he spotted her at the club, and soon he had cornered her against the wall. She felt weak-kneed with him so close, submissively aroused by being trapped between the wall and his muscular body. Then he started whispering into her ear, and the memory of his hot breath against her neck and into her ear sent shivers down her spine.

Then Fernando began caressing her legs, just a little at first, a light brushing across her thighs. It was harmless petting, she had told herself, his fingers inches below her skirt. But then Fernando began moving up her legs, along her sensitive inner thighs, his fingers getting closer and closer to her skirt. She had stopped him, reminding him she was married, even holding up her left hand to show him her wedding ring. But he just laughed, and his fingers continued their climb up her leg. His hand edged under her dress, and she felt paralyzed, her head urging her to run, but her body on fire and craving more of his touch.

He had pressed his hard-on against her, his hand still moving upwards under her dress, and into her ear he urged her to go with him into a back room. Her body fought a battle with her good sense, pleading and begging her to submit to Fernando’s proposition. She didn’t know what she would have done, if the other dancing couple hadn’t stumbled into Fernando. The distraction seemed to bring her back to her senses, and she walked back to Michael as fast as she could.

But then Michael had to work today, and he insisted she go on another snorkeling excursion with Fernando. Fernando apologized about last night as soon as he saw her that morning, explaining he had drunk too much tequila. Jen was wary of Fernando’s intentions, but he seemed sincere, and he didn’t even wear the Speedos from yesterday, just some baggy swim trunks.

The boat trip had started innocently enough, Fernando didn’t flirt with her or make any move to touch her. But when he sat across from her, she could see right up the legs of his baggy trunks. She tried to avert her eyes, but it was too tempting to look. She stole glances when she thought Fernando wouldn’t notice. What she saw made her wet. Fernando’s penis was huge. It was really long and smooth, like a snake running down his leg. It seemed really wide at the base, and then tapered in a little, but then mushroomed to a big head. She couldn’t help but marvel at his size, and he wasn’t even hard. Jen felt like such a slut for practically drooling over his size, and she silently chastised herself for acting like a horny tramp.

When they got to the sunken ship, Jen had hoped the cold water and interesting aquatic life would make her forget about what was inside Fernando’s pants. But Fernando’s shorts weren’t really swim trunks, they were just shorts, and they were made of lightweight material. When they got wet, they clung to his skin, so his long, thick penis was clearly outlined in the material. These shorts actually showed him off more than the Speedos, since the stretchy material of the Speedos made him look smaller than he really was.

The boat ride back to the resort was torture for Jen. Her pussy throbbed. Fernando had emerged from the water, his wet trunks clinging to him like a second skin. He sat across from her as before, his body on display. Jen was going out of her mind with lust as she tried to avert her eyes from Fernando’s body. “God, I’m such a slut,” she silently cursed herself as she tried not to show Fernando the effect he was having on her. The raging hormones of her pregnancy were making things worse. That she was newly married, and even worse pregnant, yet desired Fernando so much, made her feel like a cheap tramp. She wrapped a towel around her waist so at least he wouldn’t see how wet she was.

“Would you like to join me for lunch?” Fernando had asked as he helped her off the boat. She shook her head no, not saying anything as she was afraid her voice would quiver and reveal her weakness for him. Her body might desire him but her head and heart were in control, and she was intent to not cheat on Michael again.

She hurried to her room, hoping to entice Michael into early afternoon sex. Her body needed some satisfaction. But he wasn’t there, and he wouldn’t be back until dinner.

Still sitting on the edge of the bed, Jen put her head in her hands, tears of sexual frustration starting to cloud her eyes. She did the only thing she could do. She slid up onto the bed and, with one arm covering her eyes, she slid her hand down into her bikini bottoms. Her fingers touched her clit and she almost gasped with pleasure. She spread her legs as her fingers rotated over her clit, her orgasm quickly approaching.

Michael watched his new bride masturbate from the darkness of the closet. He was both relieved and disappointed that she had entered their room alone. The dark part of him wished Fernando was with her on the bed. There was no doubt he had aroused her, and he was the reason she was masturbating in the middle of the afternoon. She was no doubt fantasizing about him as she pleasured herself. The thought made Michael’s cock throb.

Jen’s body tensed, her back arching, her curled toes digging into the mattress, and she moaned as her orgasm rippled through her lithe body. But after a few moments of gasping for breath, Jen slammed the bed with her fist, and sobbed out of frustration. The orgasm had helped a little, but what her body craved was a good fucking by a big hard cock.

“That was beautiful,” a voice said from the door.

“Oh my god!” Jen screamed as she saw it was Fernando. She frantically covered herself with the blanket. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“You didn’t lock the door,” Fernando said simply, a lecherous smile on his face. He moved towards the bed. “That was really beautiful, it was. There’s nothing sexier than a woman playing with herself.”

“You’ve got to leave,” Jen said frantically, feeling a mixture of fear and anticipation. “I’m married, you shouldn’t be here.”

“I think you need more,” Fernando said, ignoring Jen’s words. He unbuckled his shorts and let them fall to his feet.

“Oh god,” Jen gasped, her eyes wide at the sight of Fernando’s huge, erect cock. Fernando chuckled, no longer surprised at the reaction women had for his body. His cock was harder than usual. He liked fucking married women. There was an extra thrill with seducing another man’s wife. But Jen was a new bride, on her honeymoon. And she was prettier and sexier than most women he fucked. This one he would remember for a long time.

Jen didn’t resist as Fernando threw the blankets off her. She didn’t resist as he pulled off her bikini, or as he spread her legs. She didn’t resist as he penetrated her with his cock. She didn’t resist as he fucked her, and came inside her. She didn’t have any fight left in her, her body had won its battle over her head and heart.

And from the darkness of the closet, Michael recorded the scene of Fernando with his new bride, one quivering hand holding the camcorder, and the other stroking his hard penis.

The End

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