Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: The Gif

Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: The Gift: part-2

The remainder of the letter explained the ring in brief.It was not a ring, but a lock! Lock for vagina. Made up of platinum with its key sent to her well-wisher. The ring like lock would prevent any entry into her sacred hole till the key holder opens the lock. That was so shameful. But she knew there was no escape now. The old uncle, though frail seemed to be man enough to get her submit. And even if she escaped the shop, there was no escape from the well-wisher. She was stunned with almost tears in eyes. The room door slightly opened.

“Are you ready madam?” the old man entered with a young assistant (around her age). The assistant had a good look at this hot babe in saree.

“Don’t worry Anushka, it wont hurt much. I have studied this well.” The man said keeping a pair of forceps and a sharp needle on the table. He looked at her :

“I can understand you would feel shy, but there is no way out, you will have to undress. And don’t worry, Suresh is mute anyway, he wont tell. “ The man said with a mischievous smile. It was clear that he had no intentions to put gloves; he was going to let his wrinkled skin enjoy her untouched vulva.

She was totally ashamed, last time she undressed in front of Sharma uncle, but that was at least behind a curtain. But today, this was infront of these two men. Suresh, though mute, was a fully adult male. He was mute but not blind not to see her youth. She though as she dropped her pallu facing the other side.

She started unwrapping her saree; now she felt the need of a fuller blouse. As the saree was gone, she stood shaken. Her hands refused to undo the petticoat. As if she thought this was some bad dream and she was going to wakeup out of it.

She woke-up indeed, when she felt the shivering hands of that old man touch her petticoat knot. She was embarrassed.

“its ok Anushka. I can understand your shyness. It is a great deal in itself to prepare yourself for such a holy thing.” She closed her eyes as he got hold of the string.

“Please don’t mind me asking, but do you have hair down there? Otherwise I will have to arrange for mre cleaning.”

She had to answer though she felt the knot loose. The petticoat dropped and she couldn’t even stop it. She just murmured. “ hair uncle. “

After the fall of petticoat, uncle turned her around making her face him and Suresh. She lowered her eyes as it was already too embarrassing. She suddenly realised how much she was exposing in that shot blouse. Her blouse covering only her boobs. Her entire fair midriff was exposed. Uncle took full 10 seconds to devour the beauty standing in front of him. She was flawless. Her shy face turned red in shame was a bonus to the viewer.

Uncle was tall and could get a good glimpse of her braless cleavage. Her eyes were anyway down and so uncle could shamelessly stare at the glossy fair skin. It was really hard for him to resist the temptation of squeezing those perfectly round soft juicy globes. He was eager to get off the panty, but he knew he had to be within his limits.

“You can sleep on the table Anushka. We will do the rest.” He said stepping back. She was now so embarrassed that she had nothing tp say nothing to feel; red face in shame and utter embarrassment.

She lied down on her back. She could see the roof as she felt Uncle’s hands on her panty elastic near her waist. Instantly her hands went down in protest and tried to hold his hands. She felt a strong grip of suresh who gently but firmly held her wrists and took her hands off. Uncle murmured:
“ You told me in the mail that you might resist at the last moment and gave me the responsibility to help you through.” Uncle had a smile on his face when he said that. Any man would have enjoyed such a ‘responsibility ‘on his shoulders and uncle was no exception.

Anyway, there wasn’t much for her to do as her wrists were held and her panty was being dragged down. ‘ Ohh God’ she said to herself before tightly closing her eyes. Her uncovered part was now getting exposed. Uncle was crafty. He was smoothly sliding down the fabric on her buttery thighs.
Her fully waxed lower body was fully uncovered as she could feel the panty finally getting off her ankles. She was breathing heavy as through her closed eyes she could ‘see’ both men piercing her most private part with their eyes.

Uncle took his time enjoying the sight of that perfect pussy. It was small, little puffy and tightly closed. It was closed and contained the inner lips within with just a hint of the crack that he was going to open. The slight red ting showed that she was a pure virgin; perhaps even rarely masturbated.

She slowly opened her eyes as there was no moment for a while. It embarrassed her more to see both men just staring at her exposed sex. She blushed red but couldn’t cover it as her hands were still held. But her opening of eyes got the two men back to senses.

“ Suresh, just hold her legs open.” Uncle said and put his trembling fingers on her 19 years old fresh vagina. His fingers were frail but long. He could split the delicate slit at one go; carefully separating the two sides.

She couldn’t control and let out a soft moan as her pussy was opened for the first time by a man. She herself had never inspected it so closely. Uncle felt her inner lips with his fingers. Both men seemed to be really engrossed over her exposed glory hole.

“I am going to pierce through her inner lips. That would perfectly close her….” Uncle had his jaws dropped as he opened the pink soft inner lips. He was astonished and speechless. He took his time
“You have a full and thick hymen Anushka. Your husband is a very lucky man. It is any man’s dream to deflower such a hymen.” She was completely embarrassed to hear the praises of her own hymen. Every word of it was true; her hymen was thick and full, just leaving a tiny hole in the middle for the periodic discharge. Yet it was very awkward to hear someone describe your hymen to you and that too as if you are a sealed treasure belonging to some owner.

Through her half closed eyes, she saw Suresh pass the pair of forceps to Uncle. With a minute she felt a tight grip on her inner lips. She almost screamed, clutching the shet under her naked butt.
Uncle loosened the grip sensing that it was too tight. “It might pain a bit, but it will be over in a short minute.” Uncle was touching her private part as much as he could.

He looked at Suresh, looking at Anushka’s exposed sex with eagerness to touch. Uncle was kind:
“Suresh, hold this wide open till I pierce it.” Uncle said making Suresh happy. Suresh had his palms a little sweaty and she could now feel two pair of hands touching her naked bottom at will. He was overjoyed to hold her vulva open. It was a tough task as she was small and tight there.
Without wasting any time uncle quickly pulled the inner lips out for a moment and passed the needle through the forceps hole.

“awwww..nooo..pleasee….” She almost screamed in pain but suresh held her lips wide open.
“Its done beta.” Uncle said taking out the needle and taking the ring in his hand. It was a tiny ring indeed.

She felt so awkward when he pushed the ring through her thin inner lips, with her legs wide open. Helpless and shameful.

“It wont open till your husband uses the key.” Uncle said as the click sound filled the room. She knew she was locked now.

“The ring is made of platinum, so it wont be possible for anyone to cut it without proper tools, exactly as you wished.” Uncle said gently leaving her inner lips. The ring was so small that it was immediately engulfed by the vulva, closing over it. The pussy was as small and as tight as it was before, with a bit of puffiness.

While taking off his hand, Uncle couldn’t resist quickly brushing the small erect clit. She moaned as he touched. Her eyes were wet with the pain but so was her pussy; strangely though as she was not pleasured in any manner. But Desai uncle wasn’t going to stop there.

“let me check if the ring is doing its work.” She was shocked to hear those words. What was he going to do? She tried to move her hands but Suresh immediately held her wrists.

Uncle looked at her. “Relax Anushka.” And then with one hand he spread her pussy and then tried to insert his middle finger in her tiny opening.

“aaaa..please…nooo…” Her face was clearly showing pain, but uncle didn’t stop. He tried pushing the ring from all angles. The finger didn’t go through. But as the wound was fresh Anushka was in utter pain. Uncle slowly took off his finger and let the vulva close over the ring. He looked at her and wiped the slight moisture on his finger. She was again amazed as to how would she be wet when she was in so much pain?

Though the ring wasn’t visible, she was feeling very awkward and weird as a metallic object has suddenly became a part of her body and that too inside her most delicate area. But she was more worried about the features mentioned, i.e. platinum ring and hence wont be able to cut it at home; it was out of question to go to any other goldsmith to get it cut. She had to wait for her ‘husband’ to open it.

“Avoid wearing panties till it heals.” Uncle whispered sensing her discomfirt. That broke her chain of thoughts. Somehow this particular incident had changed her way of reacting. She could have been really angry and rude; but some how being naked and that too having a ring sealing her virginity made her extremely submissive.

She quickly grabbed her clothing and her belongings. She was going to study the documents well and was poised to catch this so called well-wisher. As she was leaving, uncle squeezed her shoulder.
“Don’t worry Anushka. I understand. This never happened. Your privacy will never be compromised. But I would again mention that I envy your husband to have a girl like you and I have never seen such a hymen. It will be painful for you but believe me, it will be a real pleasure for your man.”
She didn’t want to hear such words about her. Her face was still red in shame and humiliation. The metal inside her private was making her feel damn awkward as she somehow sat in the car. She tried keeping her legs apart but that didn’t help. It was awkward and weird; but she now had to live with it till she can find a way out of it.

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