Delhi Guy Enjoying Sex With Married Woman From Australia

Sex With Married Woman

I am jord from Delhi. And the lady in the story is Rita (name changed). This happened a few years back when I was 21 in college. I got a friend request on my social network site. I couldn’t recognize her first but then recalled that we studied in the same school and she was my senior about 3 years ahead.
In school days she was not so popular with I knew her because we used to go to same tuition classes. We used to talk but not so much as she used to hang out with different friend group. I accepted the request and was pleasant that she remembered from that long. She lives in Australia now with her husband and 1-year-old kid.
We started talking remembering our school days and all old memories. We used to chat regularly and slowly became close. Her husband used to work a lot and she stayed home taking care of the baby. Slowly she opened a bit and we started sexting and sending pics and all. She was happy with her husband but she wanted something more.
As she was an alone lot of time she used to send a lot of pics. I use to wait for her pictures every day and sometimes masturbate looking at them. She had big boobs because of the baby. I used to love her boob pics. One day she messaged me saying that she is coming to Indian in few weeks as she has to sell her properties and some bank stuff.
I was happy that she was coming and she was coming alone. When she came to india she was busy for a week with her work and meeting her relatives and all that. I could hardly talk to her then. We both were desperate to meet but was hard. After many tries, she finally got free and called me to meet. we met at a coffee shop.
We hugged each other when we met and she was looking wow. The perfect figure for a lady of her age. She also had that little Australian accent. I used to just watch her boobs as they were just popping out of her black sexy dress. She noticed quite a few times but didn’t say anything. I even tried to touch her hands few times and she let me. After an awhile, we decided to go to my home.
As I lived by myself in a rented apartment. As soon as we walked in my apt I touch her ass and start rolling my hands. She looked at me and smiled and went away. She asked for the bathroom to freshen up. I showed the way. She went to bathroom leaving the door open. After few minutes I couldn’t resist and grabbed her from back and started kissing her neck.
She closed her eyes and started biting her lips. I slowly started rubbing her boobs and caressing my hands all over her. I put my one hand on her ass and started smacking. She loved that she wanted more and more of that. I pulled her hair and put my fingers in her mouth and she started sucking them. Her red juicy lips were to die for.
She put her hands in my pants and started playing my dick. Her soft fingers were too much to handle. Slowly we started kissing all over our face for abt 20 minutes. We both undressed and went to bed. She had big boobs and clean pussy. After some kissing, I sucked her boobs and also playing with her pussy. She started moaning loudly and I could tell she is wet already.
Slowly she started with my dick. Her soft hands stroking my dick making me feel the top of the world. Then slowly she went down and took my dick in her mouth. She took my whole dick in her mouth. She kept on going fast and fast. She didn’t want to stop and I was loving it to the fullest. She then started licking and playing with my balls.
Then I sat on her face and she took my dick in her mouth. It was heaven so much fun. Then we started kissing again and now she wants to put my dick in her wet pussy. She already came two times by now. I wanted to tease her so didn’t put my dick in her yet. I started kissing her ass and started fingering her pussy. My fingers were doing all the magic. She was going nuts.
After that I slowly started kissing her legs and-and she had smooth skin. I slowly put my dick in her wet pussy and she moans loudly. After few strokes, I started going fast. We were going out of breath. After 15 min we started doing in doggy style and after 10 min I was abt to cum and I said do u want in ur pussy or on the face she said pussy. I loaded all my cum in her it was great.
We took a shower after that and started kissing again inside and slowly started to fuck again. This time I sucked her pussy so much she already came 2 times in my mouth. She sucked my dick and after I cum she took all in her mouth. She was loving all the drip. We kissed for few minutes after that. Throughout all day and next few days, we had many sessions.
Loved those days with her. In next year she came two times for her work purpose and again we had some good time. We went to so many different places and did so many times in different hotel rooms. I eagerly wait for her next arrival to India to have some more fun and good times. We are still in contact and she is planning a visit soon back here so will add more stories later.

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