Erotic Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law | Part 1

Erotic Lesbian Encounters with Sister-in-Law

Hi. By reading threads about various stories of incest sex, I at last got courage and a bit time to write down my long time relationship with my very sweet sister-in-law who was the sister of my husband. Although the relationship between us was of lesbian nature but I will include all the other stints which we both had while being in the relationship. Hope you will enjoy it…….
I can be patchy while updating at times so bear me……..

Erotic Lesbian Adult Stories

I was married when I was 24 years old to the guy who was 32 years old at that time. My husband had three sisters having age of 29, 27 and 22, out of which the middle one was married already when my marriage was held. While the other two sisters were un-married.
I had quite a petit body at that time with the height of 5’7” but having weight of just 120 lbs but my boobs were growing with the size of 34B, although their size was soon increased due to continuous sucking and fondling by my hubby. My hubby had the business of importing / exporting the motor vehicles, so that he had continuous tours of various countries outside. I do accompanied him in a few tours but later abstained the tours due to hectic schedule and his busy time with clients there.
Now come to my sister-in-laws. The elder one’s name was Sara. She was 5 years older to me. She was divorced a couple of years before my marriage so she came back to her brother’s home. She was teacher by profession and was literally holding our home. As like her siblings, she was also big built, strong and smoking hot always. Her height was 5’10”, with the weight of 176 lbs. But the most disturbing was her bust which was 36D at that time. Her ass was also bigger with probably size of 36. By nature she was aggressive and dominant but at times she was calm and loving. My most of the time was spent with her when my hubby was not available as the younger sister of my hubby had different nature, always glued with the computer or books.
Sara usually wore tops or shirts at home with moderately open neck. Due to which her deep and big cleavage was clearly seen whenever she bent down to pick or put something. In the earlier days it seemed to me a bit odd but later I enjoyed it a little too.
I, though knew about the girl-girl relationship but didn’t find it interesting at all at that time. One day when my husband was out of country and I was lying on the bed watching TV, she came into my room holding some clothes in her hand. She asked from me that as hot water isn’t coming in her bathroom, she wanted a shower in my bathroom. I plainly allowed her to do it. After 20 minutes she came out and was looking strangely attractive and hot with wet hair and that kinda sheer outfit which showed her bra clearly. She said thanks and went away from my room. But her eyes looked valiantly different.
After half an hour, I went to the bathroom and saw her clothes hanging there. Carelessly I took them off and found her bra and panties in those clothes too. Don’t know why, I started to look on to her bra. The big size, cream color, half cup bra which was almost wet with her sweat… That time I noticed that her sweat smell was quite erotic and mesmerizing. Then I looked on to her panties which was of same color and of kinda big size to cover her assets. However it was slightly soiled at the crotch area. I thought in no time that why the crotch area was soiled and slightly wet and I think every girl knows. Suddenly I had a thought in my mind and quickly took off my clothes and put her bra and panties on me. I have to stretch the bra straps a lot to turn fit it into my size. The panties were quite big to cover my groin. But after wearing it I quickly felt very hot and arousing. I became helpless to that extent that I started rubbing my crotch over her panties. Hungry from man’s touch since many days and a feeling to wear Sara’s used under-garments, I started madly rubbing my crotch while fondling my breasts with the other hand. After 10 minutes of rubbing n fingering, I felt that the panties have become completely wet down there. Then I removed them and put on my clothes again. I hanged her clothes in same style as they were and came out from the washroom, only to hear knock at the door. I opened and saw Sara there saying that her clothes remained in bathroom and she wanted to pick them. Puzzled, I allowed her to came in, she picked all her clothes including the panties cum-drenched by me and the bra with the mix of her and my sweat.
That was the first incident and the beginning of the long love and lust journey to follow…..
After a few days, Sara’s youngest sister went to her elder married sister’s home for a fortnight, leaving me and Sara alone in the house. At that time, the things really developed. As soon as she left, the outfits of Sara changed dramatically to sleeveless tops with deep necks and tight trousers. The top frequently moved up a bit to open her midriff and back a bit. The most alarming was her rack which looked like bamboozling always especially when she walked. I can’t stop to gaze it and I was surprised with my feeling.
That day in the afternoon, we had some conversation:
Sara: Aniqua, why do you wear so much clothes at home, don’t you feel warm in this season?
Me: Oh come on, these are not too much clothes, I wear like that at home always.
Sara: But you should develop your fashion skills a bit, your clothes pretend that you are in mid 40’s, although you are merely in mid 20’s.
Me: So what do you suggest, what should I wear?
Sara: I will tell you but what will I take as a return for my precious advice (Said with naughty smile)
Me: Whatever you want Sara (Said blankly, not guessing the actual meaning what she asked)
Sara: Hmmm, Okay I will give you advice as we are going to the market in the evening to buy new clothes. I think you don’t have those kinda clothes in your wardrobe and I think my clothes will not fit you………….(Leaving me pale, as I got confirmed that she noticed my naughty acts with her under-garments)
That day in the evening we went for the shopping in different malls of the city. Lots of money was spent but the outfits bought were worthy to purchase. Another thing i got confirmed that Sara had a wonderful and superior choice for outfits, garments, shoes and accessories, hundred times better than me. We bought different kind of tops containing semi-sheer material and one was almost sheer. Few of them were sleeveless and a couple were of quarter sleeves covering just a couple of inches at shoulders. For bottom she chose for me many types of trousers with one half-pant covering up to knees which I insisted that I cannot wear but she purchased for me.
After shopping a lot, we stayed at a juice shop for having a refreshment…..
Sara: Ohh three hours have been spent but I am satisfied what I selected for you.
Me: Thank you Sara, it means a lot for me as my choice is worse in case of outfits at least.
Sara: It will become better gradually as you are with me now. But we have to go to buy some more before we go home.
Me: (Tired with the walking in the malls) What?? Now which thing is remaining?
Sara: We have to go to the lingerie section of that outfit shop (She pointed towards a big brand shop in front of us).
Me: Lingeries…… But I have quite a lot of them at home…
Sara: I know what kind of stereotyped you have in your wardrobe, those can work what you wear before, but can’t match what you will wear from now on…
Confused and ashamed a bit I walked behind her towards the shop.
There was very big store with vast varieties of lingeries there. As always bought and worn usual and tasteless under-garments, I became speechless visiting there. Sara was confident and asking for some pretty, soft and skimpy bras for my size. She asked my consent but I said that whatever you choose will be great for me. She bought quite a few bras and panties for me and we came back to home at last. After reaching home, Sara quickly said:
Sara: Okay Aniqua, now wear this outfit (she gave me a green tight trouser along with a light blue sleeveless top)
Me: Now, come on Sara, I will wear tomorrow, not now.
Sara: These are bought today, to be worn today. Okay wear whenever you want (She got away with fake anger)
Me: Okay Sara, don’t get angry, I am wearing…….
Sara: Also wear these two under it (She gave me a set of stylish lingerie)
I raised my eye-burrow and went to my room for change.
After taking off my clothes, I wore the lingerie on my body and looked myself in the mirror. Sara was right, just a change of outfit, splashes the looks. My breasts looked bigger in that bra which was push-up, showing an ample cleavage. Meanwhile the skimpy thong kinda panties were covering just ass crack area from back and of some inches in front. Then I wore the trousers which eventually hugged my thighs and legs. At the end, the top which was also tighter but tremendously fit on my upper body. Suddenly I looked at my arm-pits and saw one week small-grown hair there. Now for shaving or waxing, I need time so I left them to be removed for some other time and opened the door. Sara was waiting for me, sitting on the sofa. She looked at me and her eyes became full of admiration….
Sara: Wow, wonderful Aniqua, your looks have been changed dramatically just by changing outfit.
I just smiled shyly….
She came closer to me as I was getting puzzled more and more, standing in front of her like that, she raised her hand and put it on my head and ………
…… opened the clutch to relieve my hair free…. As my face turned red by thinking some other thing was about to happen.
Sara: Keep open your hair like me, you look more beautiful.
I carelessly adjusted my hair, and she looked at my slightly hairy arm-pits.
Sara: You have to shave or wax your arm-pits rather regularly now….(Smiling)
Me: Ohhh so much work…….. Can I go to my room now?
Sara: I spent 4 hours for you wandering in the malls of the city, changed your looks and you didn’t give me anything in return….
Me: Ohh sorry Sara, I forgot, what do you want? Should I prepare coffee for you? (Saying rather innocently)
Sara again came closer to me, standing 3 inches taller to me, I felt her warm breath on my shoulder n neck…….
Sara: It is up to you to think about it…. Okay Good Night, see you in the morning.
She moved towards her room, slapping my ass and giggled…….
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