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Erotic Train Encounter Stories

Hi this is Sam but known as Sammy in my group. Others were Elena (nerd) having very curvy, tight, well-shaped, firm and bigger than average size boob with mesmerizing face and attractive body, Rahul (the snoring man). We all got enrolled in the same college to pursue B.Com where we met Elena’s cousin Rashi (the gospeller), the girl with one of the biggest boobs in the college with beautiful Bengali face. When I saw Rashi for the first time, I had a crush on her because of her sexy body attributes. When I expressed it to Elena, she introduced Rashi to our group and latter became one of us. But later on when I came to know about her spiritual feeling, one man girl and blah blah, my feelings drowned in some deep ocean and never showed up again.
I was the only one who had to live alone as I was only child of my parents. Mom died few years back due to heart failure and my dad, being an employee in a real estate sector in Delhi, used to stay there barring few weekends annually. Rashi, Rahul and Elena had their respective parents to accompany them. That’s why it was always my house where we all used to gather. Elena was most frequent visitor. I and Elena usually used to hug, pamper and caress each other although I had never touched or pampered Elena with sexual intention because she was very close friend since childhood. A simple hug was enough for Rashi and Rahul. This confused Rashi whether we are merely besties.
It was third and last year of our graduation. So, we planned a 15 days trip to Nanital and then to Shimla. Since Elena’s parents were open-minded and they had full trust on me so there was no problem, they allowed her. There was bit problem for Rashi but Elena successfully convinced Rashi’s parents to let her go on this trip. So, we made our booking in AC tier II in Bagh Express. On due date, we boarded on our train. We took our seat and made ourselves comfortable. In the whole compartment, there were 15 odd passengers traveling including us. Whereas two side berths in our cabin were not allotted to anyone, which changed the course of this trip. I and Elena had upper berths each whereas Rahul and Rashi had Lower berths each. Train departed on its scheduled time and I fell asleep afterward.
My sleep broke because of Rahul’s snore.
I tried to sleep again but Rahul’s continuous and loud snoring did not let me sleep again. It was 3 in the morning; I saw Elena was watching something on her lappy. Then I jumped to Elena’s berth and I went inside her quilt. She was watching some video. We stretched our leg to the edge of my berth which was just opposite. She kept lappy in my lap and we started chit chatting in husky voice. Meanwhile, she laid her head on my shoulder which automatically compelled me to put my hand around to make her feel comfortable. She, unknowingly, put her hands around my pelvis followed by little slide which put her hand on my groin touching my shaft. When she realized where her hand was, she, rubbing her hand on my penis, pulled back and asked mischievously “What was that tiny soft thing there?” I was a little bit embarrassed because it was merely three and half inches long and not erected at all.
I replied in husky voice “What do you expect there?” after brief pause I continued jokingly “Keep your palm one that little soft thing and you will find it getting bigger and harder.” Perhaps she was not expecting that kind of answer so she kept quiet for a while but then all of sudden there was a big grin on her face. I did not have any idea what she was up to? She slid herself a bit upward, came in straight sitting position and bit my ear and planted a love bite on my cheek started breathing warm on my neck with gentle osculation. This move of her was surprising but enough to bring sexual ecstasies in me and for her for the first time. Ravana, inside me, brought an array of fucking sexual thought which corrupted my mind. One of sudden Elena was looking like sex goddess instead of besties. I kept the laptop aside, put my hand around her waist, pulled her a little to me and groped for her firm, well round, milky boobs. That was soft and silky and making me feels amazing. I squeezed them looking at her face. She squinched up her face in a look that left no doubt about her pleasure and excitement. I put my lips on hers and we let our tongue to exchange hot love bacteria from each other’ mouth. She, caressing my body, groped for my rod. As I had already boner of 6, she started squishing it in slutty manner which were giving me heavenly pleasure. Our smutty exploration was at its best. But Lappy was creating problem a little bit for Elena. So, she momentary halted the progress and placing Lappy in carry bag, tucked it on the hook. I looked around to make sure if everything was favourable. Seeing this, Elena asked “What are you looking around?”
“Just making sure if everybody is asleep” I replied with planting a love bite on her boobs. She let her arms creep around my head and started pressing my head against her breast. I rolled up her night T-shirt and started sucking one boobs and massaging another. It was making me hornier. My penis got fully erected in boxer which was already between her legs, crushing her pussy apart. I gently moved up caressing her boobs followed by cheek and putting my hand under her head. I started chewing her lips and began rubbing my penis over her vagina. Her low tone exciting moan got easily covered by snore of Rahul. “Will you like to go ahead?” being naughty she said in husky voice.
I was already full on and ready to dip in. I replied with moan “O Yeah baby.” “Then suck my ass.” She said biting my ear. That choice of word amazed me. I went down. Meanwhile she rolled around which enable me to access her well rounded chummy ass. I pulled down her pyjama and pulling her ass cheek apart, I started sucking her ass crack. It was strange kinda salty taste which I obviously did not enjoy. I did it as duty to earn fucking her ass. But after few minutes, I got excess to her pussy. It was wet, warm and salty too but it was worth licking it. It was already five minutes elapsed. She got very horny Thus she pushed me down between her legs and guided me to slide upward. Meanwhile I took off my boxer.
It became perfect ‘cowgirl’ sex position. I applied some saliva on my cock. Holding my tool, she gently guided it to gauge the depth of her honey-pot. She applied some pressure and I penetrated. Feeling the penile pleasure, I pushed my dick upward in ecstasy. She could not thole this thrust and a very husky and painful “Aaah mummy” came out of her mouth. She left her body quite loose for a while due to severe pain and next second she unsuccessfully tried to pull out my rod as she was in my tight grip. Knowing that she could not resist, she hugged me very tightly. I started osculating every part of her while my hand was caressing on her ass to relieve her from pain and my waist was moving up and down very slowly. Within minutes she got relief from hymen pain and started responding me slowly and riding me afterward. Since there was not enough space experiment, we continued in the same position but giving a lot of love bite to each other.
Since Rashi was sleeping under our berth, she was bound to wake up. But unaware of this development, we were busy in getting inside to each other. It was almost 20 minutes since doing this and all of sudden she held me very tightly, scratched my back, bit my lips almost apart. I knew she had got her orgasm. After few seconds, it was my turn to ejaculate so I moaned in her ear “I am about cum honey.” Without any delay, she slid down herself with the speed of Krrish and started sucking and pumping my cock. All of sudden, I felt heaven like pleasure never felt before. I was on ninth cloud. The veins of my cock started throbbing and thumbing hard. My eyes got closed and I was flying high in the sky. I bursted out my cum shot in her mouth what she swallowed as honey like whore, not leaving out even a single droplet of it. Once done, she grabbed the water bottle tucked on hook near lappy and took a quarter of it. Then throwing it aside on the berth, she pulled up her pyjama, lay flat over me and said “I love you jaan.”
Chewing her lips squeezing her ass, I said “Love you too sweetie pie.”
“If you love-bird are done then please give me my water bottle back.” AJ rusty voice jammed us for few second. We did not reply but looked in the direction the voice was coming from. It was Rashi, staring at us standing between two opposite berth and Rahul was still snoring.
“C’mon guys, Give me my bottle, I’m thirsty and for god sake never do this again in train especially when someone is trying to sleep just under your berth.” She said it casually keeping her tone down while snatching the bottle from Elena. Sensing that she had no problem I pulled up my boxer and said “Thank you Rashi and don’t say it anyone.” We all three smiled looking at Rahul who was still sleeping and snoring.

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