German Teacher Gives A Reward

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Anytime my wife and I have a rare night alone, I do my best to setup some sort of adventure. I have found over the years that if I talk to three guys we are lucky if one shows up so I set up more than intended to better our chances of a guy showing up.
This day was no different and after talking to several guys I had a tentative plan.
COCK #1 – Arranged to meet him at our Walmart parking lot. I checked our messages and he says he is there. We pull up and a black guy gets in the back seat with my wife. She wastes no time and starts sucking his black cock. The parking lot is busy so I tell them I’m going to drive across the street and park in a bay at the car wash. It was raining so no one should be there washing their car.
We drive across the street, my wife never stops sucking his black cock. I see her head bobbing up and down in the rear view mirror. We pull in the bay and I roll down the back window so I can get out and video my wife sucking his cock. I get my phone and start videoing and watching my wife give this guy one of the best blowjobs he has ever had when a car pulls in the next bay over. I am standing outside my truck watching the action and a black guy in his mid 20s passes by and asks if the change machine is working. I say yes. He gets change and starts washing his car. My wife never stops sucking the black cock in her mouth. The guy grabs her head and starts mouth fucking her with his black cock. I can tell he won’t be long; after about a minute the black guy moans and holds my wife’s head down on his cock and gives my wife a load of cum in her mouth. I get in the truck while they freshen up and bring the guy to his car across the street.
COCK #2 – When he gets out I tell my wife to stay in the back seat and get her titties out. She asked why and I said, “Because we are going to the car wash and you are going to offer to suck that black guy’s dick that pulled up while we were there.”
She said, “Oh do you know him?”
I said, “No, never seen him before, but follow my lead.”
We luck up and the guy is just finishing up. I roll my window down and my wife’s window down. I glance at her and her big beautiful titties are hanging out. I ask the guy, “Hey are you from around here?”
He said, “Yeah man, what do you need?”
I told him we are looking for a place to go out so my wife can have a good time. He starts telling us all the nearby bars and I can see him really checking out my wife’s exposed tits. After a few minutes of meaningless questions about what bar is good my wife says, “Would you like a blowjob?”
He laughed and said, “Man, I ain’t got no money.”
She said, “You don’t need money, I like sucking cock.”
He looked at me nervously and said, “For real?”
I nodded and said, “I’m going to pull in the bay here, if you want her to suck your cock get in the back seat.”
I pull the truck in and kill the engine and he cautiously gets in. My wife leans over and tells him its alright as she releases his cock from his pants and starts sucking it. Only thing better than watching my wife suck a black cock is watching her suck a second black cock. I knew this guy wasn’t going to take long to cum. He got on his knees in the backseat and started fucking her in the mouth. He asks me if it’s ok to talk dirty to her. I said the dirtier the better.
Grabbing her head and thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth I can hear him talking dirty, “You like this black cock fucking you in the mouth? Are you a whore for black cock?”
My wife takes the cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “Yeah I’m a whore for black cock.”
“I’m gonna fuck your mouth until I cum in it,” he grunted.
He starts fucking her pretty white mouth with his nasty big black cock and just a few seconds later another load of fresh cum from a black cock is running down the chin of my beautiful wife. My wife comes from a pretty racist family. I briefly think what would they think if they knew their beautiful white daughter just sucked two black cocks.
The guy gets out and asks if that’s it. I say, “That’s it man, later.”
My wife gets out and gets in the front seat and asks what we are doing now. I check my messages and I tell her I’ve got another black cock for her to suck. She said, “Damn, another one?” I said, Well, that was a bonus black cock you just sucked. He wasn’t planned and I’ve got a white guy coming later to fuck you.”
COCK#3 – We pull up to the side of the Dollar General store in our town. There aren’t many blacks in our small town so the guy we are meeting is easy to spot. I pull up next to him and we roll down our windows and confirm our date. He gets out of his car and my wife opens the back door and they both get in. I put the truck in reverse and head to a secluded area we know. I’m not even out of the Dollar General parking lot yet and a black guy that we met just seconds ago already has his fat black cock in my wife’s mouth. I adjust the rear view mirror where I can see her bob up and down. The only thing better than watching my wife suck two BBC is her sucking a 3rd black cock.
I park in our normal spot and kill the truck. I get my cock out and start stroking it while watching my lovely wife suck her third black cock in less than two hours. This guy is good. He has a big long cock. He is moaning and laying back and just enjoying the blowjob. I watch my wife go up and down with her mouth and both hands on his huge cock. After watching her suck his massive cock for nearly 45 min I tell the guy that she has another cock to suck scheduled soon and we need to go in five minutes. He said no prob man. He starts jerking off and about two minutes later as he gets ready to cum he moves his hand and my wife starts sucking him again. For the third time this evening, my beautiful wife has a load of cum in her mouth. She sits up and I see a lot of cum on her chin, mouth, and dripping down her tits. I head back to the store. Our #4 guy is already there waiting so as a black guy gets out of our truck, a white guy is getting in the back seat with my wife.
COCK #4 – As we leave the parking lot and head to our house not far from there, my wife has his cock  out stroking it with her hand. We don’t normally meet too many white guys but this guy had a pretty nice sized cock so I said what the hell, I’ll give her a white dick.
We get to the house, go to our room, and my wife lays him on the bed and starts blowing him. After about ten minutes he motions her to lay on the bed and he goes down on her. He must be doing a good job because my wife is moaning pretty good. I quickly check my phone and scroll through the videos and pictures from earlier. As I watch video of my wife sucking three different black guys earlier, a fourth guy is putting on a condom and entering my wife’s pussy.
He fucks her for a while, turns her on her side and fucks her from behind. He is pounding that pussy pretty good for a white boy and my wife starts cumming. She comes pretty hard, shakes and gets pretty loud. After she cums he pulls out of her pussy, quickly removes the condom and jerks off on her face. He falls over and I look at my wife laying there with a load of cum on her face,  hardly moving and worn out from a good fucking. She finally gets up and cleans up.
As I am walking out of the room to bring guy #4 back to his car, I ask her if she saved some pussy and head for me? She smiled and said, “Of course, we always save the best one for last.”
I bring the 4th guy to his car and he thanks me and I leave. I scroll through my phone looking at my wife sucking three black cocks and a white one. I stop on the clips with the cocks cumming in her mouth. I am pretty hard and very anxious to have my turn.
It isn’t too long before she has COCK #5, mine, in her mouth and pussy. After fucking her for a while I pull out of her pussy and fuck her mouth. I envision the black cock from earlier going in and out of her mouth and filling her mouth with cum. A minute later I am filling that mouth with load number five.

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