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Though on the same subject Vishal was talking to me almost after two days and if I will count the days since this problem was up it was longest argument between us in last ten years. Truly speaking from the core of my heart now I did not wanted spend even a single minute of undue silence between us and I asked him some time to give my decision “please mujhe thoda sochne do…”
and fortunately Vishal did not got irritated over that and kissed me lightly over my lips after saying low voice “Ok”. I don’t know what was happened to me, because of stress I didn’t knew that I am starved for love and as Vishal touched his lips with mine I desired him to go deep with a kiss but he withdrew himself after a delicate touch,
though I wanted to but I really I failed to suppress my desire and holding her scalp brought his face over mine again and we went through a deep kiss. “Please…say yes…I am requesting you…” Vishal spoke while looking into my eyes closely after the kiss “ab aapko mere saath sex karne mein mazza nahi aata? (Means you don’t enjoy having sex with me anymore)”
I asked Vishal in soft emotional voice “how can you say that…? Mujhe bahut mazza aata hai…” Vishal replied and after saying that his hand searched for the cord of my salwar and that’s what I desired him to do and with that Vishal continued “I love you more than my life…but main ek baar partner swapping try karna chahta hun…! Bus ek bar… for whole night”.
By now my husband’s hand was moving in my salwar and while going into my panty he spoke again “please say yes…ek baar karne ke baad if you will say no…I will not ask you again” I closed my eyes with pleasure as Vishal was reached to my pussy with his fingers “Please…don’t force me…I can’t sleep with anyone except you…” I tried convincing him “don’t worry…sab ho jaayega”
Vishal replied back while putting his finger in my hole and I hummed in pleasure and he continued speaking “I will be there with you…” this time his words took my attention and I opened my eyes to see him and Vishal spoke again “if you want we will do it in same room” I looked at his face continuously for few seconds while presuming what is he saying;
that we will fuck with someone else in each other’s presence, how can it be possible? But before I would have asked him anything Vishal spoke again “I will speak to Chetan…I am sure he will be ok with it” by now my salwar and Panty was drifted down to my knees and Vishal was rubbing my opening tenderly throughout talking.
I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure and unintentionally scene of porn movie seen on last weekend, in which two couples were fucking on the same bed floated in front of my eyes. Among two one female was moving up and down, back and forward while being on top of other’s husband and second female was buried under the massive weight of other male, out of two who am I?
I enjoy riding on top of my husband but I cannot ride on any other male, certainly I will get fucked while getting crushed under Chaten. Ohhhh….I can’t explain what all I was going through, since then I was quite wet but suddenly with the presumption being one of those females drove me mad and I felt thick stream of pleasure juices starting from the depth of my womb.
I puffed in pleasure with a tore open mouth and that was enough for Vishal to realize my mind state “Nisha…you will shave your Pussy for Chaten…Ok…! Rather you have go for full body waxing” it was intentionally spoken to arouse me and it worked. “Chaten will certainly suck your Pussy…”
Vishal continued and I felt more excited, I was enjoying getting finger fucked as it was never so good in last ten years. By now I was somewhat flooding from my fuckhole and rubbing inner walls of my fuckhole Vishal was moving two of his fingers swiftly in and out of my flesh.
“I am sure he will fuck you in Doggy style…you have a lovely ass” and my excitement started touching its peak and I asked Vishal for the fuck “please fuck me” and hearing my demand Vishal got up and after taking off his lower plunged me with a sudden jerk and I trembled while reaching to my climax next instant.
I can’t say about other females but for me it is always great to get fucked during climax and Vishal fucked consistently with a steady pace for a minute or two, till my orgasm lasted and ultimately screwed me fast and touched his sexual peak in the end.
“I am saying yes to Chaten” that’s what all was running in Vishal’s mind and he spoke after getting up from my top and I once again asked him for some time to think. “Don’t think…let’s do it” Vishal replied while kissing my cheek “promise me you will not change after all this…! you will not leave me” I revealed my insecurity and Vishal cuddled me in his arm and assured me while saying
“believe me I cannot live without you…” and after a pause he spoke again “what we are doing is just for fun…if you will not like it we will not do it again”. Like I was scared, even after trying my best to avoid, I was reached to the verge of acceptance and I hugged Vishal in that last moment dilemma.
“Just relax…sab ho jaayega…” Vishal embraced me while saying that and we retained that posture for whole night. That night I slept tight and I can say as compared to last few mornings I was quite fresh when I got up; if not mentally at least physically.
After sending my child to school I was in kitchen and still feeling biased over my decision of saying yes for getting swapped when Vishal came from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist and after hugging from behind and kissing me over my cheek told me that he has spoke to Chaten.
What else one can expect from Vishal, after getting up in the morning first thing he did was calling Chetan and telling him he has agreed me and I realized now I could not step back. Next we took shower together and he adored my body nicely and breakfast table told me that today he will be on leave from his work to do shopping with me and tomorrow morning
we are going on holiday to some resort in Rajasthan and detailed me entire fucking plan; that leaving our town by road early in the morning we will come back home on Sunday afternoon after spending two nights with each other’s partners.
For an instant I opposed for second night and recalled him his promise of his hundred percent presences with me and doing everything in the same room and Vishal assured me that he will not break his commitment.
Next after some time we left the house for shopping I must say that after getting a yes from me for swinging Vishal was entirely a changed man, he was never so fluent in spending money like this even when we were newly married. Western out fits like jeans and T-shirts, tops, palazzo and long skirts, beautiful and expensive bras and panties with lot of lacework,
see through night wears ending far above my knees, couple of perfumes, couple of deodorants and lot of other cosmetics, I can say nothing was left to buy for me within couple of hours of shopping and after that Vishal left me in a very expensive beauty parlor to get my full body waxing along with pedicure, manicure and facial and all.
I can say while sitting on a parlor chair face covered with a pack it was long time span when I was alone to think what all is happening and what will happen in next two nights and to my surprise now I was not feeling scared, rather I was getting aroused and feeling badly wet while presuming myself getting fucked by Chetan in all possible postures;
including my favorite, me riding on his top and getting him deep with my desired pace.”What I will do if he will ask me suck his Penis…? No I will not! How can I suck his Penis…I cannot suck anybody except Vishal” continuously something or other was running in my mind and now I was confused just over doing oral sex with Chaten.
Neither I wanted to suck him nor I needed to get sucked by him and I thought about talking to Vishal about that. By the time I came out Vishal was back after picking up our son from the school and we all had meal in a good restaurant. I must say that everything was perfectly planned by Vishal,
giving me almost no time to think and talk over my decision Lunch was once again followed by shopping, bit of mine most of his own and few things for our child too and in the evening we saw a movie and while coming back home after dinner with a decision that he will skip his school next day he dropped our child at his cousin brother’s place where there were two more kids
almost of his age and now we both were free to move anywhere to do anything. “Suno mujhe kya unka suck bhi karna padega?” I was waiting for get alone with Vishal and I asked him as we started for our home “Haan… karna bhi padega aur apni karwani bhi padegi” he was casual with his tone while replying and I immediately denied
“No…I will not suck him…” “Why…? Kar lena suck …Mera bhi to karti hi ho!” for few seconds I looked at Vishal’s face without a word, how can he say that so shamelessly! And before I would have said anything Vishal spoke again “Shilpi bhi to suck karegi mera…aur main bhi uski suck karunga” and I went speechless as I saw his eyes glowing with lust for Shilpi.
“If I can take him in my womb then why not in mouth…let’s do it properly” I spoke to myself while looking out of window. I could see that I am getting completely into it with all my consent and truly speaking there was no other option left for me.
Talking about Vishal; he was gone somewhat crazy in lust, after spending thousands over my clothes and appearance throughout the way to back home either he was talking about the resort in which we were suppose to spend two nights or he was telling me about the tourist places and local market around that region.
He was not at all uneasy like me and seeing his excitement I wished for feeling excited like him. Anyway we reached back home and Vishal told me to try all clothes one by one. Apparently I was Ok and trying my best to be in pleasant mood to feel that I am not doing anything wrong.
I wore jeans and T-shirt, Long skirt with a top one after another, tried lingre and nightwear too and Vishal just kept parsing my body and commented about my protruding milk mounds and round and plump ass and his naughty comments eased out my remaining uneasiness.
By the time trial of cloths, bras and panties and night wears ended and I packed my air bag after deciding clothes for the morning, time was bit passed to midnight. Certainly mentally I was very tired but this is also true that after whole day of fantasizing myself getting fucked by some other man now I needed a fuck to sleep sound but Vishal did not fucked me.
He cuddled me in his arms, kissed me, played with my melons but did not even touched my Pussy and when I asked he denied to fuck me, just to keep my sex hormones high for Chaten. He stayed awake with me for some time and tried to relax me but eventually he fell asleep but aroused and confused I remained awake for little long but ultimately I too slept.
Eventually night ended and around 5 alarm clock rang, more or less I was already awake but I did not wanted to get up, it was foolish thinking that if we will get late in going then I might get an escape still I tried but after a minute Vishal woke up and shaken me to wake me. In the end pretending myself getting up from deep sleep I too got up and we started getting ready to leave.
Specifically to reveal my round, plump, wide jutting out ass and big luscious melons I was suppose to wear tight jeans with perfectly fitted t-shirt ending few inches below my waist and in around half an hour we both were out of the house. Excited and eager Vishal was continuously talking while driving but I was silent, I was nervous like I was not nervous on my wedding day;
when I was suppose to get fucked in the night for the first time. My heart was pounding and I wanted to step back from my decision but I did not dare to disclose my feelings to Vishal and continued suppressing myself.
Don’t know exactly but it took us maximum 20-30 minutes to reach to the place where we were suppose to meet Chaten and Shilpi and with no sign of any sexual arousal throughout the way I was scared and worried. By the time we reached their Chetan and Shilpi were already waiting for us. As we reached they both came out of the car and Vishal asked me too to come out.
We all greeted each other and I blushed looking at Chetan’s face while saying hello to him. Next I looked at Shilpi to say hello and realized that there was a dress code for females as Shilpi was also wearing tight jeans and t-shirt and after saying hello to her I saw Vishal and his eyes were glued to Shilpi’s breasts.
Next for an instant my sight went to Chetan and just like Vishal his eyes were glued to my breasts. Shilpi and Vishal had few words about the time we both took to reach here and in the end Vishal gave her compliment that she is looking beautiful.
As they ended Chetan tried talking to me and formally asked me how I am and next looking into my eyes he too gave me compliment that I am also looking good in this outfit. Ultimately formalities ended in few minutes and plan of going further came in discussion,
more or less it was a ride of around 250 km and after fixing the venue for breakfast as we all thought about moving Vishal gave me surprise by saying that I have to accompany Chetan throughout the way. For an instant I was stunned and looking at my husband with serious gesture I denied in low voice and pulling me aside Vishal tried convincing me
that it will be good for me as I will get comfertable with Chetan before reaching to the resort “tumare liye achha rahega…tum wahan pahunchne se pahle Chetan ke saath comfertable ho jaaogi”
Me with Chetan and Shilpi with Vishal, together for more than four hours in the car, it was already decided among them but I was not aware of this plan. Certainly it was a good idea for everyone to get comfortable with each other’s partner but I was not prepared for that and to avoid I reminded Vishal his promise; that he will not leave me alone.
Vishal was disappointed over his expressions with my stubbornness but before he would have spoken out anything Shilpi addressed him from behind and moving ahead instead of asking him she asked me if I will be Ok in her company. Although I wanted to be with my husband still I was Ok with that, may be more than myself I was getting possessive for Vishal,
anyhow I did not wanted to let my husband go alone with Shilpi. I did not said instant yes to it, for an instant everyone went silent and once again my husband tried convincing me to ride with Chetan and this time Chetan stopped him and gave keys of his car to Shilpi and told him not to take stress over such tiny matters.
To Be Continued…

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