Lucky To Fuck A Hot Girl In Train

I’m a medical student and I’m 21 yrs old. Once I had to travel in a train to reach Kolkata to attend my cousin’s marriage. I boarded the train and was waiting for the train to start. When the train started I noticed that there were only a few in my compartment. I was worried cos there was no one to give me company during my travel. So I started to listen to music. In the next station surprise awaited me. A hot gal boarded the train and she had her seat next to me. She was a hot gal. I was silent for a few min after the train started. She broke the silence by introducing herself. Her name was Aditi and she s a 19 yrs old gal she too was going to Kolkata to her relatives house. She was traveling alone because she had exams and so her parents left her to Kolkata 2 days before itself.
Then we stated chatting and I thank d god for given me a good hot gal for company. She was in a modern suit tops and jeans. Her stats were 34-28-30. Her tops revealed her cleavage. We passed time by chatting a lot and even had chat about sex. Then it was night and those few who were in the compartment slept off. She was not feeling sleepy neither did I. So we planned to play a game. So we choose to play temple run in my mobile. The rule is each one will get a chance to play and who gets the highest score is the winner and the looser must do what the winner demands. We started playing and I was winning every game but asked her to do simple tasks. Then in one game I cheated her and she got me cheating her and tried to pull my mobile from me. Then we both were fighting to get the mobile.
While fighting I hugged her to make sure she doesn’t escape and in the pretext of getting my mobile I started to move my hands on her body. It went on for few min. Then she gave me a wicked smile and sat beside me and came close to me and whispered in my ear “did u enjoy it,” it was a surprise for me I turned towards her even before I turned to face her she got my dick in her hand as I was wearing only my shots. It was painful but I enjoyed. She started to stroke my cock over my shorts. My cock came to life and it was at its full length and thickness. It was erect 8 inches. It was struggling in my shorts waiting to get its freedom.
Then I hugged her and I stated smooching. We had a lip lock for over a 10 to 15 min. Then I moved my hands over her boobs and then stated to squeeze her boobs. She then asked me to stop and ask me to follow her and she went inside the bathroom. I followed her to the bathroom. We locked the bathroom door and started our play. I quickly undressed her. Oh my god she was standing nude in front of me and she was blushing and what a site it was for me. She had a milky white skin. I then started to kiss her boobs. I was licking her right boobs and squeezing her left boobs. Then I started sucking her nipples. I was licking her areola. She had nice pinkish nipples.
Then I moved down to kiss and lick her nipples. Then I further moved down and started to rub her pussy. Then I planted my kiss on her pussy. She started to moan but due to the sounds of moving train it wouldn’t be heard that clearly. I then started to push my tongue in her pussy. She let out a loud moan and pushed my head towards her pussy. I then started to lick her pussy faster and harder. Then I stated to insert my middle finger inside her pussy. I started slowly to finger her pussy. Slowly I stated to increase my fingering speed and she stared to let out loud moans. So I started to kiss her lips to prevent her loud moans.
After a few min she said that she s going to cum. So I moved down and got her pussy juice in my mouth. It tasted good. Then she moved down and took my cock in her hand and started to stroke my cock. She was surprised to see my big cock. She then slowly kissed my cock and began to suck my cock. Omg I was in heaven and enjoying it. I then caught her by her hair and started to fuck her mouth. I deep throated her and she was gagging so much. In between she sucked and licked my balls. She was giving me a good blowjob. I was about to cum so I started to fuck her mouth as fast as I can and ejaculated in her mouth and she drank every drop.
Then she asked me to go inside her slowly as I had a big one. I was excited but ignored her request and with all my force pushed my 8inch cock in her pussy in one shot. I knew she would scream so I took the precaution to close her mouth with her hands. Due to my wildness tears started rolling down her cheeks. The thing which surprised me was she was she was a virgin. I was a lucky to fuck a virgin. Then I started to move in her slowly. As time passed I started to move in her fast and hard. First I was fucking her in missionary position. Then I changed her over to doggy and was enjoying ramming her pussy. I was fucking her like a wild beast. She who had tears at the first then started to enjoy my work I her pussy and she was rhythmically moving along with my each stroke.
I was fucking her hard and as fast I could and was squeezing her boobs. I was about to reach my climax so started to ram her pussy faster and ejaculated inside her pussy. My cum was dripping from her pussy, she didn’t expected me to ejaculate I her pussy and gave me a hard slap for doing it without her permission. Then I sat on the western toilet she bend down to put her panty. Her ass attracted me and my dirty mind said fuck her in her ass. So I got up caught her closed her mouth with my mouth and inserted my cock in her ass and stared to enter her ass. She was jumping in pain but I hugged her tightly and started to continue my work. She once again started to cry and I was least bothered and started to fuck her ass.
As time went she was enjoying the ass fucking session. Since I had cum two times I was fucking her ass for a long time. Meanwhile she had multiple orgasms. Then after a long time I was reaching my climax. I splashed my cum inside her ass. Even this time I got two or three hard slap for doing it, I just hugged her and smooched her. We both got ready and came to our birth. I was still moving my hands all over her body and she was enjoying it. Then we slept and woke up so late the next morning.
The next morning it I was luckier because there were only 5 people there including us. But she was not ready for another fucking session due to my wild fucking. She had body ache. But she managed to give me 3 or 4 blowjobs and before our station arrived we exchanged our nos and before leaving we both proposed each other and she became my gf.

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