Me, My Wife, And Dave

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My name is Tom (29) and my wife’s name is Bernadette (24). She likes to be called Bernie. It’s the 1970’s. We’ve been married 6 years. No kids yet. It’s the disco era and women threw their bras in the fire. I think most men and women at that time were horny. A lot of wife swapping and couples swinging. My wife became good friends with another employee at the hospital where she worked. Her name was Jean.
One day while shopping in town my wife saw Jean and met her mother Ruth. Ruth was about 65 years old and and could be described as tough and rough around the edges. My wife and Ruth became acquainted and seemed to find a commonality. Within a month Jean and her husband moved to Michigan for his job. Ruth invited us for dinner and to meet her husband Dave. Dave was quite a character. He must have been in his late 60’s or early 70’s. He was a WWII veteran. Owned his mini ranch and raised beef cattle and sold them. He also had a complete butcher shop. I had great respect for him because of his service for our country. He also liked his scotch(2 fingers).
Over a period of about year we grew very close to Dave, but Ruth was not a warm person. She was more business. Dave had a name for her – Ruthless Ruth. One day Dave stopped by our house and I was off that day. He had a company car from his employer. It was a hot summer day so I got out the scotch and ice. My wife loved Dave as a friend and a virile man. We talked awhile before this day so when we were in the kitchen making drinks I said,
“Well, do you want to get together with him now?”
She said, “Are you sure?”
“Yes,” I replied.
She disappeared into the bedroom and I kept Dave busy talking. When I heard my name called I knew she was ready. I told Dave to come with me as I wanted to show him something. He looked into the bedroom, saw my wife and said,
“Oh my God.” He looked at me as she was completely naked and said, “Are you sure?”
My answer was, “We both are.”
From that day for about 6 months I shared her with Dave. Sometimes I would join them. Dave
liked making my wife orgasm with his tongue and fingers into her pussy and roll her over doggy style fuck her pussy and put a finger in her ass. My was wife one happy camper. Then, as life happens, things change. Remember Dave’s wife Ruthless Ruth? She became suspicious of Dave’s activities. She starts looking for him. Dave moves the trysts to a motel with my wife.
My wife learned anal sex from Dave and she allowed me to do it with her. Dave also had a friend from his road construction company join them at the motel where my wife got good at taking us three men on. She was doing deep throat before it became popular. Us 3 men had the same goal and that was to bring pleasure to my wife and satisfy her. She was having several orgasms in an hour at a time. What made it work there were no strangers in the room. Sometimes my wife would shower at the motel or come home oozing cum from every hole. If I couldn’t be with her she would give me the details when I saw her.
All good things must end. Ruthless Ruth finally confronts husband Dave and she has the photos of the comings and goings of the motel trysts and thus ends this story.

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