My New Life as a High End Prostitute – S1 | EP 1

Indian sex stories My New Life as a High End Prostitute
I was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life just few weeks back. Now, I am earning lot of money and I have done many things which I wouldn’t even dream of doing since the last one month. I am not doing all of this just for living somewhat better life. I want to live the best life possible.
I am single and I am young. I can only live the life I want, for the next few years. Once I get married and have kids, I may never get an opportunity again to enjoy like this. So, I will not compromise on anything now.
I wanted to understand how much money is needed for me to live the life I want. Just by crunching few numbers in my head, I knew that it is going to be a huge number. I realized that I should earn lot of money. So, I took a piece of paper from a book and jotted down things: *Indian sex stories –*
1) I have to furnish my apartments
2) I still have to furnish my villa. I have to purchase TVs, ACs, Beds for other rooms, microwave, side by side door refrigerator, big dining table etc.
3) I have to consult a dietician and beautician.
4) I should pay monthly maintenance charges for my Villa and apartments which are not paid by the company.
5) I should hire a cook and maid for my villa.
6) I should apply for membership for various premium/high class clubs across the city.
7) I need to pay the EMIs every month for my apartments and other small stuff.
8) I have to maintain minimum balance amount for my platinum account.
9) I have to purchase nice shoes, makeup kit, nice sports shoes, fitness watch/band etc.
After budgeting everything, I got an estimate. If I have to pay taxes and also give commission of Amit as agreed earlier. I have to earn close to Rs. 30 lakhs. Right now I am left with only Rs. 20k balance.
I called up Amit.
“Amit….you have not brought any deals since the last two weeks”
“Neha dear……I do have one deal in my hand but I am not sure if that is suitable for you”
“What kind of deal Amit?”
“Neha dear…….I will set up a meeting with Ashok sir……he will tell you the details of the deal”
“Ashok sir…..?Amit”
“You want the deal or not? Its confidential”
“Amit…..please I require details”
“Shall I arrange the meeting or not?”
I know about Amit. He is not going to tell me anything because it is confidential. If I say no to it, he will have a danger of me knowing about the details of this secret deal. He will tell me details only if I say yes to it first.
“Amit….I agree to this deal but please tell me what this deal is about?”
“Neha dear…….this deal is linked to Ashok sir…..we have to follow what he says…….I will not spill any beans on this deal. Tell me yes or no”
I lost my patience. I hate empty conversations like this. From the last few minutes, all he said was there has a deal but he told me nothing about it.
“OK Amit….please arrange a meeting”
“Fine dear”
He hung up the phone. I stripped off my clothes and went to shower. As I am the only one in this house, I can roam naked. I turned off the heater and stepped into the shower. Water started hitting my body.
I started thinking about the deal. What could this deal be about? Why should I meet Ashok sir. Why is Kumar sir not involved in this? I couldn’t get any answers.
My thoughts slowly drifted towards my present life. What is Rahul doing right now? Is he missing me or is he sleeping with another girl?
I started cleaning myself with soap and washed my hair and body. I slowly completed my shower and dried myself. I have ordered food from outside. I don’t know when it will arrive.
Meanwhile I got a message from Amit.
“You have to meet Ashok sir by 12PM. I will send you the address link. Don’t forget to note down address on piece of paper as the message will get self-destructed in few minutes.”
In few seconds, he sent me the address. I replied ok. He went offline.
I noted down the address. It’s a spa address. I don’t know why I am meeting Ashok sir in a spa. Right now it is 9:57 AM. This address is 30 minutes away from my villa. I called up my driver. He said he will arrive in an hour.
Meanwhile the doorbell rang. I think my food has arrived. I am wearing only my towel. I opened the door and the delivery guy was shocked to see me like this.
He handed over the cover to me and I thanked him and shut the door behind me. This is my house, I cannot do any naughty stuff even if I want to. I cannot freak them out.
I took the food and arranged it in my plate. I ate alone very slowly while checking my phone. I cleaned up everything after I ate.
I went to dress up. I went inside my room and checked for a dress. After few seconds, I decided to wear something casual but sexy. So, I decided to wear saree. However, I cannot wear those kinds of sarees to places like this and I always wore sarees when visiting Ashok sir since last few times.
So, I decided to wear black bra and panties. I wore a tight t-shirt and tight jeans. I wanted to look bit modern. I looked myself in the mirror after wearing these. I am looking very sexy because of tightness of the clothes. I combed my hair and tied hair on my back like a ponytail. I got ready and took my purse.
I didn’t wear makeup because I decided to go for a full body massage if I finish my work there. I thought wearing makeup is waste of time and energy.
Meanwhile I heard the doorbell. I went and saw from outside, it’s my driver. I answered the door. He got inside and took the keys and went outside very quickly. He is very silent guy. He does not care about anything. He did not even greet me. *Indian sex stories –*
I closed the door and checked if anything is left in the house. I went to my room and turned off all the lights, AC etc. and I finally went outside and locked the door. I kept keys inside my purse.
My driver is waiting for me outside inside my car. I sat inside the car and he started the car. I told him address and he started driving. There was silence throughout. I asked him to turn on the radio. I felt little relief after radio got turned on.
We slowly reached the place. I told driver to park somewhere else outside away from this place. He said ok.
I got out of the car and messaged Amit. He send me a screenshot and told me to show it at the reception. He sent another message saying that I should go to D3 not D6. I was confused. I opened the screenshot, it’s a reservation ticket for a treatment. I went inside and showed it at the reception. They told me to go to D6. Now, I understood.
I left my footwear aside. They pointed me towards a door. I opened the door and went inside. It’s a spring action door. The door got closed behind me. There are doors on left and right. I went little forward. There is “D1” written near one door.
I proceeded forward until I saw “D3”. I opened the door and went inside. The room is filled with little but of steam, I can still see what is inside. I saw Ashok sir sitting inside alone in a towel. Nobody else is inside the room. It’s a Sauna/Steam Room.

Ashok sir was sitting there and he said “Hello Neha……..”
I smiled and said “Hello Sir”
He also smiled at me. He put his hand beside him and signaled to sit beside him. I proceeded towards him.
His stomach protruded out little. His body is hairy as before. I saw little more wrinkles on his skin. He is looking different.
He signaled me to lock the door. I turned around and locked the door. I turned back around. He seem to be staring at my ass. I started proceeding towards him. He asked me to put my handbag on the hook. I put the handbag on to the hook and proceeded towards him. He was looking at me very lustfully and looks very hungry.
I sat beside him. I am feeling extremely horny as I didn’t have sex since the last two weeks. Rahul was busy and I was busy furnishing and setting up my villas and apartments. I have never abstained from masturbation or sex for two weeks straight. Ashok sir is looking very hot to my eyes now. *Indian sex stories –*
He kept his hand across my shoulder on my back and asked “So how is your new job Neha?”
I said “Great sir”
He asked “How is the villa?”
I replied “Very big sir”
He asked “You look so sexy in this Neha…..”
I blushed.
He took his other hand and kept it on my cheek and said “Such a beauty you are…… Neha…….”
I smiled and replied “Thank you sir”
He rubbed his hands on my cheeks and pinched my nose in a friendly way and said “Look at your face…….so tender and cute…….”
To Be Continue …

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