"Lena" A newly married wife

Newly Married Wife Sexual Life Story

This is a story about a recently married Chinese wife who is in her mid-20’s. She is from a city called Suzhou in eastern China. Suzhou is highly developed city near Shanghai, and is famous for beautiful girls. It is said that Suzhou girls are most beautiful girl in China. And this story is about the beautiful girl from this city. Her name is Lina, and she has recently completed her residency in Medicine and works in a city hospital. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inches, with round, firm and big boobs, and big ass. Her body is slim but she got a big thighs compared to her body. Anyone looking at her can’t be resisted of admiring her beautiful body.
After completing her residency she got married to her colleague and long term admirer Jacky, who was her former neighbor. Jacky used to like her since they were in middle school, at that time there was no mobile phones available like today. So they don’t have much means to contact her, and being a shy boy he was not able to express his feeling to her. Days past, and they graduated from their middle school, and then high school. After high school they both get admitted to medical university, but in a different city. She was 500 miles away from her home, while Jacky was in their hometown. It was September 2008, so at that time mobile phones were widely available, and they got in touch from a messenger service called QQ which is widely popular in China.
Jacky told his feelings to her while chatting, but she kept him waiting telling him that she needs to complete her studies before she can be in a relationship because it is very important for her in order to survive in rapidly developing China. They both graduated in 2013, and were admitted to a residency program in a same hospital. Jacky was so happy that he was able to meet her every day even though they rarely have chance to talk because of the hectic schedule of the hospital, and also being posted in different departments. But Jacky was able to convince her, and she accepted his love during their final year of the residency. They got married soon after the completion of their residency program. Both being a single Child, their parents organized their marriage ceremony in a five hotel. Jacky suggested Lena to live with his parents after marriage because their home was close to the hospital where they work, and she agreed because there was no such problems to live with her in laws, both her in laws were loving and good people. Wang, her father in law was recently retired government officer and had began to help her mother-in-law’s grocery store. Her mother-in-law had opened this store for many years and she doesn’t want to close this because of her attachment.
When Lena and her husband were home, they used to wake up early in the morning, have their breakfast and go to work, but they often have to work night shifts, so when Lena used to have night shifts she used to return back in the morning and used to sleep during day time and so does her husband during his night shifts. Her in laws used to have their lunch in their store, while she use to eat with her husband in the hospital canteen. Her father-in-law always to use to return to their home to take nap after having lunch.
Everything was going normal, but something changed today. The weather was little chilly because of the cold spring breeze, and Wang her father-in-law was walking home to take a nap. He seems to be in a happy mood. After stepping out of the elevator he opened the main door and went to the bathroom which was just across the living room, and between his and his son’s bedroom. He was coming out of the bathroom when his eyes caught attention of something red clothes which was in the wash basket, he could resist to check it out so he we went near the wash basket to observe what it was. When He came near to it, he instantly knew that those were the pair of underwear, he thought that it must be his wife underwear, so he left as it was and went to his room to take a nap. When he was about to sleep he realized that his wife don’t have any red bra and panties recently, and he feel ashamed realizing those were his daughter-in-law’s underwear.
He lied down and tried to sleep, but he was not able to get sleep, something was disturbing his mind and it was nothing, but were those pair of undergarments. He tried not to think about those, but those red things were not going away from his mind, and because of this he was not able to get any sleep. His inner mind wanted to hold those things, and see them clearly, but he couldn’t do that because those belongs to his daughter in law, and it was sin to do these kinds of things. He thought that what if people will think if they came to know about it. He tried to sleep for two hours but couldn’t so he got up and went back to the store to help his wife.

Lena came back from work around 6pm with her husband, she and her husband both were tired as always (it same in all hospitals in China). She put her clothes from the wash basket into the washing machine and start to clean her apartment while her husband helped her to prepare dinner. When dinner was about to be ready her husband told her to call her in laws to come back to have a dinner together. Normally only one of her in laws used to return back to home to have dinner with them while one of them used to look after the store. So when she called on their store landline, her father-in-law picked up the phone. Her father-in-law was happy and excited to hear her voice, but he doesn’t know why. Today he was feeling different to hear her voice, her voice seems to be music in his ear, and he had never felt like that before. He told his wife to go and have a dinner and after that he would go. When his wife returned back to the store it was already 9pm so he thought that he would go back to have dinner after closing their shop around 10pm. When they got back their son and daughter-in-law were watching TV. He was hungry so he told his daughter in law to warm his food and serve for him. While waiting for the food on the dinner table he could watch his gorgeous daughter in law warming food for him in the microwave oven. He had never given attention to his daughter in law like this before, he was not conscious of the action he was taking, he was not able to think where that will it lead to.
After dinner they sat down to watch TV together. Lena was sitting with her husband, while her father in law sitting on the sofa adjacent to her, he could she her from the corner of his eyes. It was only 15 minutes when her mother in law announced that she going to sleep, so as her husband. Lena also went to take shower as she does every night. There remained only her father in law watching TV who was interested to watch her rather than watching TV. He felt little disappointed to watch TV alone. They had a single bathroom, which can be seen from the sofa where he was sitting. He could see his daughter in law entering the bathroom. He dimmed the light of the living room, and reduced the volume of the TV so that he could hear the shower running inside the bathroom. He could not hear those sound clearly, so he stood up from the sofa and went near the bathroom, now he could clearly hear the shower running. But suddenly thought came into his mind that it is not good to do this, so he returned back to his seat and began to watch TV. When Lena finished her shower and went back to her room she found that her husband was asleep, so she also slept by thinking that they need to get early in the morning. Sex was twice a week, and those used to be mostly on weekends when they were fresh.
Her father in law was still watching TV. His mind was not on the TV but on his beautiful daughter in law, he just could not stop himself from thinking about her. He is 62 now, and in his life he has never thought wrong about someone else wife, but now he was thinking about his own son’s wife. He was not able to take his off her mind, so he decided not to give too much stress about this and let enjoy himself with whatever it’s going to happen. There was kind of silence in the living room as he just turned off the TV, and assuming that everyone else in the house might have slept he went towards the bathroom, his heart was beating fast and fast. He tried to be cool, and slowly opened the bathroom door, it was dark inside. He could feel the smell of the recently taken bath inside, he turned on the light. His eyes went directly to the wash basket where he could again see his daughter in law’s undergarments. He bolted the door from inside, his legs took him in front of the wash basket, and this time he could not stop himself from picking up his daughter in law’s bra and pantie. With one hand he was holding, while with other he was feeling the softness of the fabric. He could feel his cock bulging under his pants. He unbutton his pants and took out his cock and made it feel the fabric of those clothes. He imagined those clothes touching his daughter in law’s naked body and thinking that he rubbed his cock in every part of the bra and pantie. He found the most interesting part was where her nipples might be touching. His cock became rock hard which he never felt during recent intercourse with his wife. He wrapped his cock with the bra with his right hand and start to pump is cock while with his left hand he took the pantie near his nose and began to smell. He was intoxicated by the smell of the pantie. It didn’t took long for his cock to spill out semen all across the floor with great force. Few drops of semen was also fell on the bra which he wiped up so that his daughter in law would not notice next day, and put those undergarments again in the wash basket.
please leave some suggestions, as I’m a new writer so there are many errors, I will try to improve those in my next part
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