Newlywed In Train General Compartment

Hi am Roan back with another personal experience of mine and this time its the experience in the express train. I studied in Ooty and in every vacations I made sure to visit my home in Mumbai. But every time during vacations the trains used to be full and jam packed. My father used to send me booked tickets but I uses to cancel that and utilise the money in my personal stuffs. So coming back to the story, it was the month of April. Even though it was April, the climate in Ooty is more or less always chilling. As there wasn’t any reservations because of which I had to board the general coach of the express train. The coach was jam packed and unfortunately it was raining that day.
In Ooty we have untimely rains. As the train came on the platform I saw a couple running to board the train. There were only three people who boarded the train, me and the couple. I let the couple get in first. It was jam packed inside and there was hardly any place to move in and so we had to stand near the door. The couple was standing near the wash basin and I was near the door. Looking at them I realized that they were newlyweds. The girl had worn red and white bangles and flaunted her head with sindoor. She also had this mehendi on her hand and red lipstick on her pouty lips.
She had worn a pink tight top which was all wet due to rains outside and her black bra was all visible and a tight jeans which was all wet and exposing her huge ass out. Her top was all sticking out on her hot body and her boobs were very huge. She was very fair and had tied her hair like a bun. Her face was similar to the south actress Anushka Shetty. The guy was a tall well-built man. As the train started few people moved in to give us some space to get in. The guy was trying to protect his wife from the jam packed crowd. A few guys got up and offered me and the lady a seat. I being small boy(even though I was in my high school I actually looked like a school kid. My height is 5 foot and don’t have any kind of facial hair). There was one old beggar with a shawl on the window and a dirty looking middle aged man, followed by me and the lady.
As she was on the fourth seat she sat very close sticking to me. I really enjoyed the electrifying touches of her. She did not mind my touch I being a small kid for her. She smiled and asked my name and introduced her as Priya. She asked me about my studies to which I said that I was in 8th standard and going home on vacations. It was 9 at night and we all drenched. The husband was standing near to her wife and I overheard them. The guy told Priya that on the next railway station he will get down and try to arrange some seats in the AC compartment.
So they both sighed a relief. The next station was to come around by 11:30 pm. Everyone felt asleep and the lights went down. Priya slept beside me and I also acted like sleepy and as the train jerked I intentionally kept my head on her shoulder to which she did not mind.
Suddenly the middle aged man got up as he was to alight down on the next station and asked us to sit comfortably. Priya thanked him and shook me up and said dear lets stretch properly. I simply acted sleepy to which she smiled and took my head on her lap and she sat properly. Now the old beggar was on the window then Priya and I was on the end with my legs stretched and my head on Priya’s lap. It was chilling cold and beggar had this big shawl with him. He offered that to Priya, she looked at her husband who nodded a yes and she readily took it as we were wet and it was freezing.
After some ten minutes I simply turned my head such that it was on Priya’s crotch. Even she kept her head down and tried sleeping. I could feel the warmth of her pussy and the heat. I tried smelling her cunt but was scared she might realize my intentions and become alert. But anyhow as she kept her heads down and tried sleeping her boobs was all over my shoulder and I had the strongest hard on and my dick was about to tear my pants and spring out.
She was smelling terrific and her perfume just made me go mad. Priya’s husband came and shook her and said the station has arrived, so he will try getting seats in the AC compartment. He asked the old beggar about how much time this train stops to which he replied that the train will halt for half an hour and TTE will be at the other end of the station. I was little shocked as I heard everything because the train usually halts for just 5-8 minutes but acted like sleeping.
As the station arrived, Priya’s husband got down and quickly went to find the TTE. As I breathed I could get urine smell from Priya’s crotch and thus I turned the other side. I saw the old beggar quickly going to the door and heard him locking it. He came and sat patiently stammering his legs. He signaled one guy who was on the other side upper birth to come down.
After sometime 6 minutes the train left and Priya got really tensed and was about to get up but her cell phone ranged and it was her hubby. From the dialogue between them I understood that the hubby was on the first coach and she was on the last and as these was general compartment there was no connectivity. She was scared but her hubby said that he will come once the train stops at the next station.
She relaxed and took a huge breathe and kept her heads down and tried sleeping. The old beggar really dirty smelled full of urine. As the train started beggar came and sat in his place. I felt someone near my legs. It was the guy whom the beggar had signaled. He came and pushed my kegs down and sat on the fourth seat. The beggar on the other hand came inside the shawl and and this time sat close to Priya.
Priya as she realized this got alert and got up. She tried waking me up but I acted total unconscious. The beggar from one end and the man from other squeezed Priya. As there was shawl covering all four of us and due to darkness no could clearly understand about the happening. Also all the other members were all male and situation could go out of control if Priya did something wrong. I think even she understood this and kept quiet. I saw the beggars hand and the other man’s hand on Priya’s shoulder. As she had worn a top they both started pulling it down from both side. As Priya tried getting up, the beggar said her that if she does that he will tear her shirt and then will pull the shawl off. She really got stunned and sat frozen. It was just the beginning.

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