My Very Pleasurable Prostate Exam

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I recently had my very first prostate exam by some middle aged man from India at a small independent office in Brandon, Florida, near Tampa. I figured it was about time I had a check up, since I’m now age 46, and I’d never had one yet, until now. I got there, went into his office, and he handed me a gown to wear. He stepped out of the room so I could undress and put on the gown.
After a few minutes had past, he returned and told me to lay on my back, on top of an exam table, or whatever the thing was called. The table top was very nice and was comfortable to lay on. He then had me fold both of my legs backward as far as I could, with my knee caps nearly touching my chest. I did exactly as he said, including having my butt at the very edge of the exam table. I thought it was kind of odd to be in this position.
The gown was pretty much useless and did basically nothing of hiding my private area. He had a male assistant spread and hold my butt cheeks wide apart while the doctor used his gloved index finger to apply some kind of gel lubricant to my very exposed anal opening. He dabbed a lot more of the gel onto his finger again, but this time, he slowly inserted his finger all the way up my rectum as far as it would go. He did this while twisting his finger back and forth. His finger then pressed against my prostate gland, and to my delight, it immediately felt pleasurable. He took a long time with the exam, of what seemed like at least ten minutes or so. He pulled his finger back out of my anus, and both, the doctor and assistant looked directly at my dilated anal opening. I was very embarrassed being in this position because I knew I was fully exposed to them, and they could see everything, and I mean everything.
After the doctor performed the prostate exam on me, he said he didn’t notice anything unusual. I was so relieved hearing him say that. Just as I was about to step off the exam table to get dressed, he said wait, not-so-fast, I’m not done yet. He told me he needed to check my ejaculatory tract and function performance, which I have never heard of? I was surprised by his request, and at first, I was a little hesitant, but he kept on urging me on and insisted that I needed to have it done. I finally gave in and told him okay, if it’s really necessary, then do it. He had me get into the same position again on the table, with my legs folded back. He pressed his thumb hard and directly onto my perineum. This actually caused me to get a lot more aroused and I started to get an erection, even though I tried my best not to get one. I happened to notice a huge erection bulge in the doctor’s trousers, so I knew he was also aroused, which made me become really suspicious of him. I looked beside him and I was shocked to see that his assistant also had an erection showing through his pants. I knew something was up then.
A lot of Cowper’s fluid started to flow from my penis. They told me not to be embarrassed about it, and said that it happens a lot with almost all their patients. I was still very embarrassed from being fully exposed in front of them like that for such a long time in their full view. The next thing that happened, totally caught me off guard. All of a sudden, the doctor took his right hand and started to masturbate my now fully erect penis, which completely took me by surprise. I asked him what he was doing? In reply, he told me to relax, this was required for the exam. I said what, you’ve got to be kidding me? I mean he was really stroking that thing good. I was speechless and I didn’t know what to say to him next. After a minute or so of him doing this to me, I must admit I started to really like it, and I let him keep doing it. At this point, I didn’t care, because it felt so good. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t supposed to be a part of the exam. I decided why not let him have his way with me, since he made me this horny.
I consider myself straight, but somehow I enjoyed him stroking and touching my penis. He even massaged and played with my scrotum sac with his fingers, which also felt very nice. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. The doctor’s assistant just smiled at me and continued to watch all the action. The doctor once again pressed hard onto my perineum, but this time, he caused me to have a forceful orgasm and ejaculation. I shot out a fairly powerful stream of semen, and he said, wow, that was impressive. Even the assistant was impressed and said that I produced a large amount of semen, and that it looked very white and thick. He said that was a good sign of my semen and sperm being very healthy. Immediately after I shot my cum load, I was extremely embarrassed about them seeing me do that. Well, even though the doctor made me have an orgasm, I still feel like I was somewhat violated. I quickly got dressed, paid him, and got the hell out of there.
I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to that place again or not? I should have known better and listened to my first instinct about him when I first walked in. I sensed something wasn’t quite right about him from the start, but he was a smooth talker. No wonder he only charged me $28.00. He sure fooled me, but it’s a lesson well learned I guess. I just can’t believe I actually fell for it and let him take advantage of me like that. Even so, I have to say that I very much enjoyed and appreciated him bringing me to climax with such sexual pleasure. I’m not going to lie, it felt fantastic. Obviously those guys were either gay, or bi-sexual. I now wonder about my own sexuality after all this. I never thought that a man could bring me to orgasm, and so much pleasure, but he did. Maybe I am a little bi-sexual myself after all, who knows? I will never tell my girlfriend about what happened. She would probably leave me if she ever found out what I let them do that to me. Life goes on.

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