Private Dick and the Voluptuous Mistress

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Voluptuous Mistress

A stake-out is not as glamorous as it sounds. Believe me, spending the night in my car with a pair of binoculars, munching on chips and waiting for them to come home was the last thing I wanted to do on any night, especially a Friday after midnight. I thought of a thousand other things I would rather have been doing. Or at least a dozen other women I would rather have been dating, or doing, or getting done. I thought of my horny neighbor Holly and moaned at what she would be doing tonight. I thought of the last time I hung out with her and the orgasms she had screamed and remembered the feel of my hard cock driven tightly into her juicy kitty and right there in my car, sick of waiting for this guy, I whipped out the meat, already fully erect, thick and long, that was missing Holly. It felt good to be free in the open air.
Finally, I saw a light turn on in their apartment across the street and I pressed the binoculars to my eyes for a better look. Yep, there she was. The woman that the husband of my client had been banging, and it looked like they were about to have a bang of a Friday night by the looks of things. He was pulling off his suit jacket slowly as they stepped into the foyer. I finally got a good look at the mistress. Dirty blonde, full lips, rockin’ smile. Massive round breasts and sensual curves pushed tightly against the clinging dress that barely made it past her waist. When she bent over to remove her heels, I zeroed in on the cleavage and exhaled. That was one heck of a woman he was banging on the side.
I could tell she was horny as hell and was proven correct when she crushed her mouth to this guy’s with her hand behind his head. The guy moved fast, obviously ready to bang hard, and pushed her up against the wall, sliding his hands up her thighs and up her dress, cupping her ass while she kissed him feverishly, raking her fingers through his hair. She hiked her knees up around his waist and was ready for a straddle.
Quickly I aimed my zoom lens and snapped off the photos I needed for my client. Good enough. Now it was time to enjoy the show.
Before long, she had managed to yank his belt off and drop his trousers, unleashing his dick that popped up as hard as mine was now. She pulled her top down and her breasts flopped out like huge water balloons, her nipples as hard and big as little pinkies. He cupped both of them as he feasted on one. Yeah, that’s what I would have done, too, I thought, as I grasped my cock and began jerking it. As he sucked her nipple, she reached down and took his shaft in her hand, guiding him into her. Was this lady not wearing panties either? Fuck! What a woman! She was throwing her head back and forth as he drilled her against the wall. Her mouth was wide open and although I couldn’t hear her, I could tell she was screaming out her pleasure that looked as orgasmic as mine felt.
That night was probably the best stake-out I’ve ever had. The husband was never again welcome back home. And his wife… let’s just say, along with the photos, I gave her what he had neglected to.

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