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My Real Experience Story
I Am here sharing my real experience which took place three years’ back, once I met this girl priyanka [name changed] from a dating site, we chatted there and exchanged our mobile no. Priyanka was then doing her pg course in one of the reputed colleges in Coimbatore itself, fun loving, jovial, very fair in complexion, average height, 34b 28 34 her structure. We spoke a lot and got to know each other in the first weeks, then later our chat got spicy, guys her voice was very sweet the way speaks will give any guy boner.
Spicy chat made me very eager, want to meet her and fuck her like there is no tomorrow, I asked her if we can meet, she agreed to meet on a friday as she was going home from her college and I could drop her.
I went near her college and waited 5 mins earlier, I was watching every girl passing me, there came the goddess, she came in legging and tops, exposing her curves, as she was walking her free hairs was flying in the air, her 34b boobs bouncing for her each step, I was scanning her top to bottom.
We moved from the place as soon as she entered the car, I love long drive and driving, I touched her hand and started scanning her top to bottom and often glancing her boobs, she noticed and winked, soon she removed her dupatta, I could see her cleavage and her bra from top, she was wearing black bra and her white boobs was poping out and want to get free, I felt urge inside my pants, mouth was watering.
I pulled the car off the road and parked in a deserted and well covered place from where no one could see us, I rushed towards her, pushed the seat back and went on top and hugged her tight and crushed her top against my top, pulled her tops up and kissed her stomach then cupped her boobs, when on top to kiss her pink lips,
continued kissing those pink lips for about 10mins and then we broke to catch some air, and again landed up eating her lips which tasted like honey, this time I moved away from lips and started to lick her neck holding her face, moved to her ear, chewed her earlobes and again kissed her shoulder gave a love mark and came to her neck and sucked and licked her neck like hell,
my hand started exploring her boobs, pulled her bra and freed her melons I started to squeeze them hard she left out a huge moan as I touched her boobs, I groped her boobs and enjoyed her lips and neck for about 10mins then I took her lovely brown nipple in my mouth started to suck one after the other and move my hand to her leg,
she was shouting like ummmm ufff uhaaa suck itttttttttt, I loveeeeeeeeee it, ur awesomeness, I love it, she was on her high, dint notice I removed her bottom knot and I started massaging her pussy over her black panties. Removed my lips from her nipple and moved towards her stomach, traced her body with my tongue tip and started to lick her deep naval,
moved her both hands up and started to lick her armpits, chewed her armpits, licked her arms, chewed her fingers one after the other. She moved her hand towards my pant, I removed my belt and freed my pant for her, let her feel the bulge and feel the fight of my cock which was trying to come out, I opened my zipper and my boxer, she got hold of my rock hard dick,
my dick had few pre-cum because of the kissing and fondling act, she bend down as I rested on the seat rest, she reached to my dick and started to stroke it gently and made up and down movement I was in heaven and pulled her head towards my dick and made her suck it, she started to lick my dick and tasted the pre-cum and came up and kissed my lips and gave me
the taste of my own pre-cum, then I again pushed her down and stroked my dick and she started to roll her tongue on my pink head which was awesome and I was in cloud 9 she was a master in that made me moan and I was enjoying her tongue, was enjoying the way she licking my dick, she held my cock and went to my balls and sucked them both, she came up to suck my hard nipples,
again I pushed her to my dick and this time she licked my rock hard shaft and took my dick fully into her mouth and started to suck like a pro, she showed the slut inside her, she sucked for 6 mins and I shot my cum inside her mouth.
We were there in the hideout for nearly abt more than and hours lucky no one caught us there, it was getting dark outside and we started to move from there after catching up some free air,
On way, I kept fondling her boobs.
Obviously, we dint stop there, we continue, will tell in the next part of the story how and where I explored her pussy, on the way I stopped and asked her to suck my dick.

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