Seducing Newly Married Neighborhood Lady

Newly Married Neighborhood Lady

This story is a true story of how I seduced my neighbor aunty and fucked. I’m 25yr old and looks handsome. I stay with my friends in an apartment. Opposite to our flat a sexy and very hot looking newly married girl is staying with her family. Her name is Sindhu. She is very fair and has very big boobs with perfect shape. She has a daughter of 2yrs named Priyanka.
I fell in love with her beauty when I saw her for the first time in my apartment. Her husband used to go on business trip regularly. So her daughter Priyanka used to come to our flat to play with us. She became very close to me. I also started to go to their home to play with her and to see Sindhu.
One day, I came early from the office and as I was getting bored in my room I went to bring Priyanka to my room to pass the time. I knocked the door and Sindhu opened the door. That was the first time I have seen her in a nighty. That was a light pink colour tight satin nighty. I have seen her from top to bottom. I have seen her cleavage very clearly as I was very near to her.
Her boobs colour is very fair than her face. I could not turn my glance from her. As soon as she noticed me watching her boobs, she immediately covered them with a dupatta. I thought how lucky her husband is, he must be fucking her every day. Then I went in and started playing with her daughter to stay for some more time in her home.
I went to her kitchen to see her bigger sexy boobs, surprisingly this time I got to see her ass… It was a visual treat for me that day. In that satin nighty, the shape of every part of her body was looking very clear. I hardly controlled my tower which became very hard and trying to come out of my pant. I immediately returned to my room and masturbated.
After seeing her milky white skin at her cleavage and her sexy ass, I really felt very excited and decided to seduce her and fuck her very hard. I wanted to suck her boobs like anything. So I started to go to their home whenever I get a chance. I started cool conversations with her. But unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see her in that nighty again.
But I tried very hard to seduce her by staring at her boobs and other body parts while chitchatting with her. We both used to discuss movies and our college life etc… Slowly she also became very close to me. She stopped covering her boobs while I was staring. I was getting some indications that she also interested in me.
So I started touching her body pretending that it happened unknowingly while playing with her daughter. One day while she was standing in her kitchen by carrying her daughter in her hands, I went very near to her and played with her daughter while she was in her hands, Then I touched her boobs and pushed. She did not say anything then I did the same again and again.
And she put her face like she is not noticing that or I am not doing it wanted. But I can see in her eyes that inside she is enjoying that touch and she is allowing me to touch and rub them more. Then I understand she is looking for sex from me. One day when I went to her home to see her, surprisingly she was in a nighty again. I was so much excited and decided to fuck her that day.
I gathered some courage and told her that she was looking very sexy and hot in that nighty. She gave a pleasant smile, and that was a clear indication for me to say anything about her body parts. Then I started explaining how sexy all her body parts are. She did not say anything and went into the kitchen. I also went into the kitchen and hugged her very tightly from behind.
She got shocked and forcefully removed my hands. She turned back and was angrily said how did you get that much courage to hug me…. I said love you so much and your beauty is making me mad. She said ‘I love my husband, I can’t do this’. I said ‘ I love you so much than anyone else in the world. You are the first women I touched. I never saw a girl as much beautiful as you look’.
Somehow I was succeeded in convincing her but she just accepted to suck her boobs nothing more than that. I told her that itself is the biggest gift in my life. Then I slowly put my hand on her boobs, I amazed by the softness of her boobs. She suddenly removed my hand and walked out of the kitchen. I got disappointed.
When I came out of the kitchen and followed her.. Then I saw she was locking the door of the room in which her daughter was sleeping. My heart was pounding again and cock was hard and hot. With a smiling face, she came near to me and stand in front of me. This time I hugged her very tight from the front. I felt the softness of her boobs touching my chest. I was on cloud nine.
I started kissing on her neck and on her ears. She also aroused and hugged me very tightly. Then I touched her soft lips with my tongue and had liplock for almost 15mins. I put my tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue as well. Then we both were in a great mood. Meanwhile, my hard cock is pressing against her soft pussy.
I slowly tried to put my hand on her pussy and rub it over the nighty. But she already told not to fuck her, she removed my hand from there and kept it on her left boob. I started pressing her soft boob it was so nice feeling. Her boobs are very bigger I could not hold all of that in my hand.
Then I hugged her very tight, I removed her bra hooks by putting my hand in her nighty from the backside and took her to the sofa and make her sit in that. She then laid on the sofa and I started kissing on her entire face, lips, and neck. Then slowly came to boobs. I removed her nighty from upside to taking out the boobs.
I started sucking them like anything. She completely aroused and said ‘come on I can’t control myself now. Please go down and satisfy me completely’. Then I removed her nighty completely. She was laying naked in front of me on the sofa. She was looking very sexy with the naked body. Then she removed my t-shirt to touch my bare body with her body.
I removed my pant and took my 6inch cock out of my jockey. She really got surprised by seeing my cock as her husband’s cock is not that much big. Then I asked her to suck my cock but she refused as she did not do that ever before. I then removed her panty and kissed on her pussy. Her pussy is very clean and hygiene. But she has some hair around her pussy.
I kissed all around her pussy and licked the lips of her pussy and I sucked her vagina with my tongue. She is very much aroused now and asking me to fuck her hard. We both enjoyed the sucking. After that I inserted my fingers into her vagina and finger fucked until juices came out of her vagina.
Her pussy was very wet and then I slowly tried inserting my cock and started fucking her with my cock, in the begining I fucked her slowly and gradually I increased the speed as she was enjoying the pleasure of it. I am pressing her boobs with my hands and kissing on her lips and face. We enjoyed fucking for 10mins after that I cum inside her pussy and she also cummed.
I laid on top of her for some time and I wanted to fuck her again. But my cock need some rest. So I told her I wanted to fuck her again and she immediately accepted as she was enjoyed the last session very much.
This time she took me to her bedroom. We both laying naked on her bed seeing each others bare bodies we smiled and hugged again. I told her that I love her so much and want to continue this hereafter. She smiled and said ‘sindhu now became all yours, you can fuck her when ever you want’.
I felt very happy and then I again started fucking her and we tried many angles this time as it was much comfortable on the bed. After fucking her second time I cummed on her boobs. She then massaged on her boobs with that cum. She then got up and dressed and I too got dressed up. Finally, I hugged her and said the 3 magical words in her ear.
She kissed me on my lips and I kissed her on her forehead. I took a selfie with her, but she asked me to delete it. I then said see u soon again and returned to my room. This is how I fucked my neighbor and made my dream come true..Till date we are enjoying a lot and we fuck often. This is the end of my story.
It will be maintained very secretly feel free to send your valuable feedback..See you guys soon with my next and best story.. Thank you, each and everyone for reading my story.

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