Sex with My Sweet Elder Sister after Marriage

I have always remembered my sister Latha, 7 years older to me, as a skinny girl as she used to be before marriage. She is married to a Govt employer in Delhi while I moved into Hyderabad a couple of years after her marriage. I joined a reputed Engineering college far away from my village and it so happened that I never saw Latha for four years, till my elder brother’s marriage. I was almost shocked to see her when she arrived at the marriage hall, as she was no longer the thin girl she used to be. In fact, she was somewhat close to be called obese although I could see the charm in her face remaining still intact. Although, her husband returned to Delhi immediately after marriage, Latha preferred to come back with us to our village to spend a week with all of us.
As we traveled to our village in a van packed with all our family members, I was seated next to Latha during the entire journey. After some chitchatting, my parents started sleeping while the newly married couple managed to talk to each other in a husky voice. Latha 2-year-old son was sleeping with his head on my lap and feet on Latha who sat close to me. Soon Latha too started sleeping and her head inadvertently tilted onto my shoulders every now and then. In addition, her huge breasts were brushing against my arm, which slowly induced my bulge in the crotch like some magic. Although I was a bit confused to begin with, soon I started taking advantage of my sleeping sister. I occasionally caressed her thighs pretending as if I was doing it unintentionally while making her son sleep comfortably. Latha did open her eyes a couple of times and smiled to see that I was only letting her son sleep well in the journey. But, her proximity and the sight of her cleavage, which was revealed from time to time during the travel, was somewhat unbearable and before we reached home I realized that I am looking upon at my sister with sexual intention.
I knew that I had to accomplish my wish within a week’s time, as both Latha and I would be leaving the village. I never lost any opportunity to watch her body closely and even fantasized about making sex to her. I also ensured that I mentioned about how bulgy her body has become after the marriage whenever we talked casually and she laughed them off. But, I wasn’t yet prepared to take on my sister sexually so soon fearing that the results might well be disastrous. But, I was getting very impatient as I had just a few days left. Needless to say, I wasn’t kept waiting for long.
I still remember the day when my parents had gone out to a nearby famous temple along with the newly married couple. Latha’s son was slightly unwell and I preferred to stay home saying that I had to meet some of my friends. It was only when I realized that an opportunity has been thrown at me that I decided to cancel all my plans to meet my friends and somehow have a go at Latha. I gathered the courage to pop inside her room where she was lying besides her sleeping child. She just smiled as if to welcome me and I sat right on the cot where both of them were lying. After some formal enquiries about her son, I started involving her in discussion about marriage and life thereafter. When she asked me as to what sort of a girl I was looking for, I quickly replied that my dream girl should be the one who looks like the sensuous Malayalam actress, Shakeela. Latha started laughing uncontrollably.
“Are you crazy? You want a wife who looks like Shakeela?” She kept laughing as I was watching her keenly while her body shook in her laughter.
“Why do you laugh, Latha?” I asked her with a naughty smile.” She has perhaps the biggest pair of boobs on the earth.”
Latha stopped laughing instantly and her face changed red in a flash. I remained unperturbed as I had anticipated such a reaction from her after hearing my mentioning about boobs.
“Disgusting,” Latha fumed.” How dare you talk like this with me?”
I continued smiling at her and said, “Why? You want me to call them breasts instead of boobs?”
“Stop it,” She replied in anger.” I don’t like to hear such things from you. I am your sister.”
“So what?” I giggled.” Even your boobs aren’t bad either.”
“Rahul!” Latha screamed while I decided to tease her further. I stood up and moved right behind her so close that my thighs brushed against her back.
“Latha, I still remember how you looked before marriage. You were bony and your boobs were just bigger than lemons.”
Saying this, I leaned forward while my hands held Latha’s face and as she looked up; my lips planted a gentle kiss on hers in a flash. Immediately, my body felt like electric as my heart started beating fast and my dick erected to its hardest. Latha jumped off the cot in an attempt to release from my grip and as she lifted her hands as if to hit me, I hugged her like mad. What a terrific feeling it was to have her fleshy body in my embrace!
“Oh, Akka!” I whispered into her ears.” It has been a long cherished desire, to hug you and kiss you. You are my sexy ‘akka’ and I have watched your cleavage umpteen times and wondered if I would ever get a chance to play with your boobs.”
Latha pressed her palm against my lips and said,” No, Rahul, You are my brother and should never do that.”
I pushed her onto the floor absolutely disregarding her gentle protest and kissed her on the soft skin of her belly. I could immediately sense that the gentle hair on her skin stood up spontaneously and her body shuddered for a moment. My hands reached up to her huge tits and held them gently to begin with.
“Oh Rahul, You don’t seem to be realizing what you are doing,” Latha murmured.
“I do,” I looked up to smile at her and quipped.” I am squeezing my sexy akka’s boobs.”
As Latha attempted to get on her feet, I hugged her from behind so close that my erected crotch was pressing hard against her ass. My left hand went around her holding her tight against me, while I used my right hand to hold my crotch and started rubbing it against her ass. She brought her right hand behind to prevent my cock motioning against her ass and in the process her soft palm fell on the top of my dick. What a wonderful feeling that was to feel my akka’s hands over my dick!
“I am not going to let you go,” I whispered into her ears after kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders.” You have touched my dick and I can’t stop from now on”. Having said this, both my arms hugged her so hard while I motioned my body upwards and downwards to let my hard dick under the cover of my jeans, to rub against her saree clad ass. “It’s so wrong. So wrong,” she kept murmuring as I relentlessly played with her. My hands easily cupped her big tits and felt them spongy but for the perky nipples. I kissed her neck again and hushed into her ears, “Oh Akka, your breasts have gone very soft for their size.”
Suddenly, Latha turned around in a rage and pushed me back. As I stood startled at her sudden show of strength, a strange smile flashed on her lips.
“I never imagined that you are such a strong boy,” Latha smirked.” But, I can’t let you do everything to me. I am your sister and am married. I will give you just five minutes to play and you should leave before the sixth minute.”
“Ok, let me try,” I said laughingly.” Take off your saree. I want to see you with just the blouse and petticoat.”
Latha hesitated for a moment before relieving herself from the cover of the saree. “Wow!” I exclaimed in sheer excitement.” I never thought I have a Shakeela at home.”
“Stop it! Don’t compare me with Shakeela,” Latha blushed as she uttered these words. I got close to her and hugged her again and my palm started feeling her exposed body freed from the saree cover. I took her to the nearby chair and after seating her, I went on my knees pushing my face close to her belly. My hands rested on her thighs while my chin rubbed her stomach making her swing gently on the chair. I pulled her petticoat above her knees and pulled it up further to reveal her huge shiny thighs. As my fingers fell on her thighs, she shuddered again letting a gentle hiss from her lips.
“It would be better if you get rid of this wretched petticoat,” I said as I snapped off the knot of her petticoat within a split second and before she could resist, I had pulled it off her legs and thrown it off. Latha struggled hard to cover her womanhood with her hands while my lips kissed her all over her thighs resulting in her hands holding my the back of my head. I thought for a moment to get rid of her blouse as well but somehow I resisted the feeling as I wanted to see a minor explosion. With great difficulty I removed her hands to get a glimpse of her really hairy pussy.
“Akka, your pussy looks fertile,” I said mockingly while my fingers caressed and teased her clit. She was biting her lower lips and her eyes were closed. Being the right moment, I lowered my face onto her pussy and brushed my lips against the dense hair on her pussy. Her body jerked instantly and encouraged by her reaction my mouth started devouring her pussy lips and slowly started licking it all around. Her grip on my head got even firmer as my tongue popped out of my mouth to dig into her pussy hole licking the soft flesh all around. She was no more hissing as her lips started letting out loud moans. My hands climbed through her belly to cup her boobs yet again and this time around the squeeze was firmer than before. My thumbs discovered her nipples protruding through her bra and the blouse and nibbled them one by one to feel them getting harder.
“Oh Rahuli!” She murmured while her hands reached to the hooks of her blouse to be soon stopped by me.
“No, I want your boobs bulge bigger and the hooks should burst.” I resumed licking her pussy after saying these words while my hands held her boobs firmly. Her thighs started spreading apart as my mouth gathered momentum in its adventure on my akka’s pussy. Her hands were going astray from my head to my shoulders, my neck to my biceps as she moaned frantically making my dick hard as never before. She was occasionally squeezing her own boobs in joy to let me know that she was equally aroused as me. I stood up for a moment, removed my banian and unzipped my pant. As she looked hesitantly at me, I undid my brief and my long hard dick sprung out of the cover, shaking up and down for a few times before pointing at my akka menacingly. She took her hands to cover her face as if she did not want to see my dick.

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