Sexy Ramya MAMI MASSAGE by an matured Uncle

Hi Annas,
Ramya again with another one real event that happened after longtime and that too after my marriage.
As all know I am Happily married girl who stopped funs after marriage, but these boys are not allowing me to be a good girl, they tempt and made me to do fun again. This is about a real event that happened before my marriage.
The day started as usual, i felt bore to be in PG on a Saturday. So i took my sooty 2 wheeler and driving to some place. Just like how boys roam in bike (I was in Skirt and Shirt). On a street there was a huge crowd and I also intend to see what is happening there so I went there and saw there. A roadside show was going on and crowd is watching seriously. Because of huge crowd I am not able to go front and I am standing in one corner near wall and seeing that road side show.
Everybody is watching show very seriously and me too watching same, meanwhile there was a hand touching my back. Wow his hands was touching my ass well and making hot pressings. As i did not object or reject his hands was moving all around my ass well. May be he liked the softness and shapes of my ass well.
I just turned little bit to see that man. He is nearly 45 year aged uncle who is having good look and hairy chest. I am not stopped that uncle and he is started massage my back as I am wearied skirt made him easy to put his hand inside my skirt and touched my ass hardly and massaging my back, it is corner of house wall so no one is able to see and I am safe and stayed.
In a while show finished and every crowd is gone, we all started moving Uncle asked me, “please come to home it is near by only drink some water and leave”. My mind says i can get something for that day. So we both went to home. We reached his house and no one is in house and it is beautiful too. I went inside following him, i dont know how i am so brave going with a unknown man to a lone house. But something made me go there and i was sitting on sofa. He came with a glass of water and had some water. There was much silence in that house. i am seeing that uncle and he is seeing me.
He is decent and moved decently, his intention is he wants to continue massage I understood what he is thinking. He asked me can we continue same like what we did in crowd I am felling shy, and close my eyes with my hand, He is in mood he went and closed door and gently took me to wall. I was facing the wall and he started massage my back fully and in a while he kneel down in back of me and lift my skirt and started to gently massage my bare ass. His hands were hot and i could feel the warmness on my ass and i started to feel his hot breath. I could assume his mouth is near my shaped ass and he was randomly kissing on my ass cheeks and making me horny.
Then slowly i uttered the words “uncle i want to leave its getting late”.
Uncle – dear, i know u enjoy it. i can give more safe pleasure
Ramya – uncle, its like something. please leave.. i don’t want these
Uncle – i know you love this
Then i was silent for some time. he turned me towards him and my back was now on wall.. my pussy facing his face.. he was bright enough and brought his face further near. Suddenly he started licking my pussy, his tongue was so lengthy and hard too.. it directly digging deep in my pussy and lips widen due to his tongue. I did not expect this.. i was standing closing my eyes and feeling that hard tongue deep in my hole penetrating..
Uncle – dear, now say do you want to leave?
Ramya – uncle, its like something. please continue.. i want these
Uncle – SMILES
He asked can u sit on my lap , I said ok while I am going to sit he lifted my skirt so my ass is directly touching his lap and made as romantic and create mood. He started massage my boobs slowly and removed my top, my goodness on that day I did not wear bra , so my boobs looking very stiff and creating mood to him and he remove my skirt also.(now I am nude(AMMANAKUNDI)).
He lifted me to bedroom and throw me to bed nude and stared lick my boobs and all parts of my body, from top to bottom full of wet. He is much interested in my legs and licked very well.Now he is facing my pussy just I made me comfort and showed my pussy correctly, he started licking and playing with his tongue(As I mention above lengthy tongue).
He makes me so horny and now he just pressing my two ass and lifting me up and licking and sucking my ass too and he is inserting tongue shhhhh it makes me full horny and My legs are shaking in high mood and I am closed my eyes and enjoying fully. At some point I reached climax and leaked, even though he did not remove his mouth, he tasted my cum. Suddenly I saw time he is sucking me for past 1 hr and 30 min I am feeling little tired and just lying in bed for some relax and had some juices(fruit juices only not any banana juice).
I am taking rest nudely in sometime there will be sound that some one is knocking door and I worried because I am nude and my dress is in hall suddenly he came and told that don’t worry just cover your body with blanket and calm down like that I am getting tensed and sitting. He went and opened door and he is coming back to room, I shocked and surprised because he is coming with one girl who was wearing a school uniform and bag.
She is looking like 11th to 12th standard girl. I asked uncle with full tension and little bit happy(Because I got company) who is this, he replied that don’t worry you carry on she is my relation. Suddenly that girl kept her school bag started removing her skirt, top, bra, panties and she is nude. Uncle lifted the girl and lay down in rubber sheet uncle applied oil to schoolgirl and massaged very well.
I am seeing how he is massaging and expression of that girl and enjoyed, he looked me and asked to join and he started massaging to me also. Now both girls are nude and uncle is massaging for us.
We both are getting in to high mood and moaning. He take both of us to bathroom and bath us well. He applied Soap to full body and massaged well, while bathing we both girls just kissed and enjoy lesbian for some time in bathroom and we return back to bed. Again he started licking and sucking to that schoolgirl and she is moaning heavily and her full body shacking heavily in mood but he is not ready to leave her.
Suddenly I forced that uncle to suck my pussy and ass and started grinding on his face and schoolgirl is just watching like that. We both leaked in uncle mouth and uncle was so happy. Then we all finished bathing and uncle itself dried both of us using towel then again back to bed. We took rest for some time hugging each other and that school girl said she has to go home. As it is getting late (She is telling that to uncle that she told her mother that I am going to Tuition so I have to go ) and uncle dressed up her and send off that schoolgirl.
I am nude I also thought of wearing dresses but my dresses are in hall itself and due to that girl going leaving doors are opened so just I am lying nude she went out and then uncle came to bedroom, I asked who she is ?. He replied that she is friendly girl, she is staying next street and every week she will come to my home and she will enjoy massage and we both will enjoying like this only. Every week she used to tell some lies to parents and come here to enjoy these. Uncle asked me that again can we have like that I told no it is too late. But he came again on bed and separated my legs and started kissing my pussy. Oh god the mood started raising again and he now started to lick inner walls of my pussy with his tongue well.
My eyes were closed and i was in heaven, his tongue was giving a nice massage for my pussy. Suddenly i sensed something, opening my eyes i found that my one hand it tied to the coat and one leg. I cant move away but to stay on place with little movements. I generally don’t like boys who wants to tie and enjoy, because they may use my pussy for inserting. But this uncle was cute and i did not wish to stop his licking. He was digging his tongue deep and i feel like flying it was amazing lovely feeling. my body started shivering in pleasure and like shock flowing through. I was climaxing like anything.. i know more liquid came our of my pussy and he was not even wasting anything. His eyes was eating me well and his mouth on my pussy, i had lot of lesbian before but this was different feeling. I climaxed well and my hips were moving up and down lovely feelings gone through.
haa haa haaa hhayyaaa sss hsshanaa ahaa rrrr r ahaaaahahaa ss s s yesss aaahaey yeah…
I can understand i emptied myself to his mouth and i don’t have anything with me anymore. My body settled on bed now and he slowly took out his tongue and with tongue he was cleaning all the wet parts. it was lovely. With the same feeling i slept there for another 1 hr and he wake me up and gave nice coffee. Then without intention, i got ready dressed up and came to my place. That night i slept in full rest that much pleasure absorbed in body.
After this event, whenever I wanted a massage and relax, I am started going to that uncle home and enjoying myself.
After marriage 1 year i did not go to that house.. but after that 2 times i went there and got massage and licking. But this time with marriage knot around my neck.
Guess why this story is named as MAMI massage? reply in your comment.

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