Shy housewife and secret crossdresser hubby – 04

we were literally exhausted by him, priya my wife never experienced such intensed orgasms in her life because of that she was very tired and laying like dead meat on bed beside a bull who isn’t satisfied yet because his fingers was still running on her naked back caressing conveying his sexual desires without saying a word on the other hand i watching him laying near their feet…. 

i composed myself and slowly left the bed and walked slowly across the hall and pour two glass of whiskey and lightning a cigarette i slowly walked beside the bed and passed a glass to his hand he got up sitting on bed started sipping the whiskey and i passed him cigarette after taking a drag and sat on edge of bed and drinking when he slowly runs his feet on my belly saying anu thanks for having me such a sexy body and he smiled saying my dick got rashes because of priya’s tight pussy,  and the burning sensation while fucking her make me feel so horny saying he passed me smoke and blowing his smoke over her face which make priya cough and he turned her around and manage to get her head on his lap just on top of his dick ,his dick was aiming downwards because of nicely used and priya was calm and tired when he lifted her hand touched her armpit saying priya’s armpits are so yummy ….

priya feeling his fingers running slowly on her armpits with her sweat and his eagerness to play she was mumbling something in very erotic way that we can’t understand but it was sure that her mumbling indicating her moans which clearly based on her liking…

as he gets his fingers wet from her sweat he licked his fingers and and turned her face upside and running his fingers on her lips he get down kissing her lips and caresses her huge tits pinching her nipples folding her fleshy boobs and by act of hormones she rolled her hands on his neck…. 

every horny fellow falls in trapped no matter how exhausted they are… 

i slowly enjoying my smoke and drinking watched them getting along and saw her legs getting apart widened and his hands getting slowly caressing her flesh down to her navel passing down to her horny pussy and finally his fingers folded and three of his fingers sticking inside started moving while his thumb rubbing the area pressuring the point that going to charge my wife’s desires to be energetic person once again….

their kiss broke and she moans ahhh ahhhh and now his other hand was on her nipples crushing slowly making nipples go hard and her hairs hiding the activities of his dick but her eyes was closed her lips was open and her sensation shaking loudly declaring she was in mood to play…. 

i didn’t bother to join them so i collect the glass and waljed in hall fetching another drink for myself i walked inside omg scenario was changed… 

she was laying on his body with his sleeping dick inside her mouth and her hands was folded on his body while he was licking her by stretching her pussy walls with his hands…. 

both of them played enough and so getting real horny for them was isn’t so easy so they both trying to get ready especially wasim’s hardness matters here but his sleepy dick inside her mouth was just like a lollipop which she was having with fun and he was poking her pussy with his tongue ….

i finished my drink and getting on bed laying just on his thighs said to priya, can i taste this lollipop too she smiles saying we both equally need this and she holding his dick in her fingers shake on her lips bends towards my lips and i sucked it and she kissed me with his dick inside my mouth and her eyes was sparkling with joy and she said thank you for offering me such a satisfying moments because of your confidence and boldness i felt what real sex is and she aside his dick and kissing me with passion bites my lips and we licked his dick together and caresses his balls and licked it too…

after an hour of play finally he gets semi hard and she started sucking his hard and passionately passes me too to suck his dick when he can’t control himself with that much of hardness he was horny to get inside a hole so he pushed her on bed and getting on top of her he started kissing her and spanking her thighs he positioned himself between her thighs and slowly tried to push his dick inside but failed when she guides his dick in her pusy and he pushed and holding her hands above her head licking n kissing her lips he started banging her but due to semi hardness nither priya nor him enjoyed so i getting on his back pushed my finger in his ass hole he moaned saying you bitch he started getting hard and in five minutes of his ass play he was rock hard and pounding her breathless she was moaning loudly and she hit her orgasm and fach fach fach fach sound started dancing in bedroom with her moaning mixed and his eagerness to get more and more i was so horny that i started touching myself pinching my own nipples and biting my own lips…. 

he rolled over and make her go up and he pulled her on his body holding her real tight started stroking her pussy from below badly she was enjoying like a bitch while he was searching for nothing more than a orgasm but a bull never gets tired so easily no matter how sexy bitch he is having ….

finally he stopped when she hits her another orgasms and he gets between her legs and started eating her out placing her legs on his shoulder and bending her waist…. 

i touched her nipples and felt it was real hard so i started sucking when she whispered anu i wan to pee so badly listening her i shouted wasim she is ready for another pee squirting he laughed and said lick her armpits and make her pee i want to drink her pee this time and i started licking her armpits holding her hands she was extremely screaming ahhh no not again but who cares in five minutes she hits a strike on his face when he locked her pussy with his mouth and his face was all wet by her pee shot and i getting real instense in her armpits she started peeing badly and he was swallowing every drop she was shaking like prisoner but with clutches of hands she can’t run and finally she stopped it’s done he swallowed her pee and started licking her pussy again while she said you are nsty anu and she pulled me n kissed my lips and she said give me your sissy dick and go kiss my new husband …..

my sissy dick was in her mouth while laying on her body we started kissing and licking her pussy together as he was fiwn in her hole while i was running my tongue on her G….


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