Swati's Life with Paralysed Husband

Swati & Anshul were a happily married couple. Anshul was working in a small IT Firm. Swati was 27 yrs old and Anshul was 30 years old. They were leading a pretty ordinary middle class life. Living in Mumbai. They had an arranged marriage. They had 2 kids, both daughters. The elder one was 4 yrs old. The younger was just born 2 months old. Here’s where the story starts. One unfortunate day while Anshul was driving on his bike back from office, he met with a terrible accident. He was rushed to the hospital immediately.

Swati was all alone as her parents were no more. She rushed to the hospital to find Anshul completely shattered in bed. Her hopes of a good future and everything seemed to be fading away. With 2 kids, it was a disaster. It took 1 week for Anshul to regain his senses. When he was back to life, he was paralysed waist down completely. He couldn’t move a limb below his waist. With the medical insurance he had, Swati took him to various hospitals in Mumbai, all with the same opinion that it’s almost impossible for him to regain back his earlier strength. It would be a miracle if he can even move his legs, such was the impact of the accident. He was declared a paralysed person.

With heavy heart, and true to her duties of being a faithful housewife, she took the decision to take care of Anshul at their home. It was a rented 1 BHK Flat. With whatever savings they had she knew it would be difficult to sustain long, but she wanted to do everything she could for the sake of her kids.

She didn’t have the qualification to get a decent job. She was 12th Pass, and just 1 year of Graduation and then dropped out for marriage.

Anyways days passed by and it was 1 month after the incident. Swati was getting a bit frustrated with the hardships. Though she tried hard not to let Anshul notice. Her elder kid Sonia was admitted to a normal School nearby. She got little help from her in-laws but even they were now trying to shrug off from them. Anshul’s parents had died when he was very young. They both literally had no one whom they could turn to.

Swati was a petite woman by all means. She was very fair, but short heighted 4 feet 11 inches. She had a bit plump figure which comes with every Indian housewife. She used to wear normal cotton sarees which used to get crumpled due to her daily housework. She never wore her saree below the navel, always tried to wear it as conservative as she could. But then mostly the hem of the petticoat used to come and rest just on her navel. Her left side of the saree used to be a bit open, which made her blouse area visible and anyone could see the curve of a fully grown mother’s breast and a bit of her belly. She never tried to be exposing herself. She was beautiful with beautiful eyes, nose, red lips and long flowing hair. Just that due to their financial conditions she could never take adequate care of herself.

It was a normal monday day and Swati was getting Sonia ready for her school. She used to go daily to drop her off in the school. As she was walking with her Sonia was playfully jumping around and the waterbottle got off her hand. Swati scolded her and tried to pick up her bottle. In the process she bent down and her saree pallu fell half way giving a view of her luscious cleavage through her tight blouse. Luckily not many people were there around. Unluckily for her the local goon and wannabe MLA of the area Jayraj was having a cigrette sitting on his bike. He saw Swati and immediately lightning stuck him. He knew Swati and Anshul living in his area but never ever cared about them. What he saw that morning was probably the best he had seen in his life. He had never seen such a beautiful cleavage of a young mother.

He calculated in his mind, the cleavage must be around 4-5 inches long, a black thick line with milky white coloured mangoes on either side. He licked his lips and kept watching her. Swati noticed Jayraj and quickly covered her bosson and walked briskly to the school. Jayraj looked at Swati. As she was trying to rush her hips were swaying left to right. Such a petite woman, so beautiful was what Jayraj was thinking. He rubbed his hairy chest looking at her rush towards the school. He waited for her to return back.

Jayraj was 45 years old. He was tall, much taller than average person, 6 Foot 1 inches. He had a well built athletic body and was dark coloured. But he was handsome. He had big black moustache with some beard occadinally. Always used to wear a big gold bracelet and a gold chain. He had huge muscles and hairy since he used to keep 2 buttons of his shirt always open. He was divorced. He never married after that. His wife couldn’t bear kids and that’s why he divorced her. That’s what everyone knew. Some close sources knew that she couldn’t bear the way Jayraj used to make love. As many mouths as many words.

Jayraj saw Swati returning alone after leaving Sonia to school. Swati was Jayraj and properly covered her pallu, looking at him to avoid him. Jayraj looked hungry for her. Just as Swati was about to enter her flat, Jayraj interrupted her.
Jayraj: Namaste Swati ji.
Swati: (confused) Namaste.
Jayraj: Anshul ji kaise hain?
Swati: Thik hain.
Jayraj: Koi dikkat ho to bataiyega.
Swati: ji, thanks.
Swati rushed to her apartment. She didn’t know her rushing made her hips sway wildly. Her breasts were juggling. Jayraj saw all of that. He just wanted to put his mouth on those innocent wife’s mellons.

Next day same thing happened. Jayraj was waiting for Swati. Swati avoided him. The conversation started by Jayraj, Swati politely replied and left. Swati could feel the sexual tension in Jayraj increasing. This started happening and continued for next 2 days. Jayraj was getting restless. He even touched her plump hand full of glass bangles one day just to show his strength to her and how a male approaches a female when Swait used to ignore his questions. Swati took his hand off but he was strong. He laughed in an evil manner and let Swati go

Swati used to come home and never discuss the humiliation to Anshul. Anshul was completely bed ridden. He could never do anything himself. Swati’s financial woes were continuing. She tried but couldn’t get a job for herself. She was feeling helpless. She didn’t have the fees for Sonia’s school for the next month. She was sitting wondering all this when the bell rang. She went to open the door and saw Jayraj standing there, tall and well built covered the entire door height. Swati’s belly was visible from her saree as per pallu was crumpled. She quickly covered her stomach as she saw Jayraj looking there. Jayraj came in and wanted to meet Anshul.
Jayraj: Anshul ji se milna tha.. halchal puchna tha.
Swati: ji wo so rahe hain.
Jayraj: mai wait karta hu.
Swati understood his intentions and quickly wanted to make him go away. So she allowed him and took him to Anshul’s room.
Jayraj: Namaste Anshul ji. Mai Jayraj hu. apka hal puchne aya hu.. yahi rehta hu.
Anshul: (Just managed to make some pleasantries)
Jayraj: Swati ji bahut achi hain.. apka itna seva karti hain.. mujhe dekh ke bahut acha laga.
Anshul: ji.. thanks..
Jayraj: Acha mai chalta hu.. kuch jarurat hoga to bataiyega.

Jayraj stood up and started leaving. Swati followed him to close the door.
Jayraj: aapki choti beti.. ?

Swati: wo so rahi he.. andar..
Jayraj: 2 mahine ki he na?
Swati: ji..
Jayraj: Swati ji bura mat maniye.. ek bat puchu?
Swati: ji.. (she was wondering how to make him go)
Jayraj: ghar ka kharch kaise chalta he?
Swati: bas kuch savings he.. koi dikkat nahi..
Jayraj: ji.. kuch jarurat ho to bataiyega..
Swati: ji..

Jayraj looked at Swati once again trying to see her cleavage and blouse from the left side. The cleavage he cudnt see but the curvacious red blouse from the left side of her saree was visible. He judged the size and smiled at her. She covered herself again and closed the door.

Jayraj visited again next day on pretext of meeting Anshul but spoke more with Swati. Swati tried to see him off in 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile Swati’s financial conditions worsened. She was becoming helpless. Everyone she turned to was leaving her alone. Jayraj used to speak to her daily. She started feeling a little less scared of him, but still wary of him.
One day when Jayraj visited them as usual. After meeting Anshul he came out of the room.
Swati: Jayraj ji mujhe kuch kehna he..
Jayraj beamed.
Jayraj: ji Swatiji kahiye..
Swati: mujhe kuch paiso ki jarurat he..
Jayraj: paise? hmm.. dekhiye Swati ji.. yaha koi paise kisi ko aise hi nahi deta..
Swati: please meri madad kijiye..mujhe Sonia ki fees deni he.
Jayraj: kitni fees he?
Swati: 2000 Rs.
Jayraj: ye to thoda jyada he..
Swati: please… kuch kijiye..
Jayraj: Acha meri ek shart he..
Swati: Kya shart?
Jayraj: Mai apko 2000 de dunga.. par mujhe kuch chaie..
Swati: Kya?
Jayraj: Kya hum chat pe chal sakte hain? Waha koi nahi he.. mai wahi apko bataunga..
Swati: Please yaha bata dijiye..
Jayraj: Mai sirf apke blouse kholke 30 min choosna chahta hu.. uske badle mai apko 2000 Rs de dunga..
Swati: Kya??

Swati was embarassed. Her face went red. She was never so much humiliated. She politely asked Mr. Jayraj to leave.

Swati: Jayraji ji.. please aap jaiye yaha se.
Jayraj: Swati ji.. mai apke fayde ke lie hi keh raha hu..
Swati: Please jaiye..mujhe apse kuch bat nahi karni..
Jayraj understood it wasn’t as easy as he thought. After all she is a homely housewife. He left without uttering a word.

Swati closed the door and kept thinking about the incident. How cheap can this man be. Trying to take advantage of a woman when she is helpless. She quickly went to her daily chores. She couldn’t stand that situation and she wanted to take her mind off it.

Next day, Swati went as usal to drop her daughter to school. Jayraj was standing as usual, having his cigarette and smiling at her. She faced in another direction and briskly walked towards her school. This happened daily. This became a routine. Jayraj never stalked her. He never talked to her directly, but just kept looking at her from a distance whenever she went to pick and drop her daughter to school or if she had to go to a nearby Shop. Swati just started hating Jayraj more. Jayraj started lusting more for Swati. His animal instinct was growing more and more as Swati was ignoring him. Swati on the other hand feared if Jayraj tried to take some indecent step, that would be the end of her life. In this situation she cannot bear this level of insult in her life.

Days passed by. The finances Swati had were almost finished. It was more than 2 months that Anshul had his accident. He could speak but could barely get up from his bed even with support. His medicines took the major share of expenses. Swati did everything with a smiling face but she started to get extremely worried. . Her sarees started giving a weary look. She didnt have much money to buy clothers for herself or her kids.

One night while she was returning from a nearby grocery shop, she was interrupted by a bike. It was Jayraj. He came near her and asked her to sit on the bike, he would drop her till her apartment. Swati started walking completely ignoring him. Jayraj started following her from behind. The way Swati’s hips were swaying under her saree, Jayraj was starting to loose control. He was having a huge errection. He sped a bit and he held Swati’s hand very roughly. In the process one of her glass bangle broke. Swati stopped and pleaded him to leave her alone. He stopped.

Jayraj: mere sath baith jao.. aur to kuch keh nahi raha hu..
Swati: kyu aap mujhe pareshan kar rahe hain? mujhe jane dijiye.. mere bache ghar pe intezar kar rahe hain..

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