The Anxious Lal

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The Anxious Lal

(Cast – Poonam Bajwa, Aishwarya Rajesh)

The case of Lal Chand

The atmosphere inside the hospital was great. It was the term day for all the patients who were in a long term treatments. Unlike short courses, long term ones are slow and takes 3 to 12 months to complete. Increasing internet porn and other sexual habits, brings more and more patients to Kamapuram each year. Kamapuram fertility clinic opened 3 different branches the same year and their results were astounding. More and more professionals dreamt of a career in this specific hospital and their brand name simply meant a world wide recognition to its employees. Today is the term day, which means hundreds of patients will undergo some serious tests. Depending on the results, they will be put for further treatments or certified cured and will be asked to lead a normal life as before.
Problems include complicated issues like failed wedding due to intimate issues, sterility, infertility, straight orientation, homogenous orientation and much more. Depending on each issue, people undergo a tailored course like how Mr. Gandhakannan or Mrs.Meena got their treatments in the past. The doctors will have a busy day today. One such case was Mr. Lal Chand, a wealthy merchant from northern part of India. Little we know about his professional backgrounds, as customer’s privacy is a top priority at the clinic. But he is very wealthy and settled. Mr Lal is very big, obese with a pot belly that is thrice the size of his normal body frame. He is totally bald headed at the age of 28 and suffers from several sexual problems including erectile dysfunctions. He has a huge body frame, big hands and legs and looks like a monster when he walks.
He has been visiting the clinic for more than a year and getting better. Though he has been left with ample money, his problems started when he married Ms.Payal his long loved girl friend. Their marriage life hit a dead end when she came know about his problems. Like the usual business men, his lifestyle has been unclean with lot of ladies and casual encounters in his early ages. Money has been thrown on bitches and he felt the taste of pussy for quite a number of times. This led to problems one after the other when he actually started life of his own. Mr. Lal was sitting at the cabin of the chief doctor Dr.Kameshwar waiting for further treatment instructions. As usual the chief nurse Sis.Raji was also there standing behind.
Dr: “Hello Mr. Lal, it is good to see you improving. Your reports suggests positive!”
Lal: “Glad to know sir!”
Nurse: “Heh Mr.Wealthy dick shaker, just that your reports being positive does not mean that you can start stuffing money into bitchy tits once again. You need to learn to keep your dicks into your pants”, it insulted him to the core. The nurse always used to peep into the conversation with her sarcastic remarks.
Lal : “But sister, I will learn to control myself. “, he spoke like a good boy.
Dr: “Yes, that is what exactly we have been training you in the past three months. Hope you followed the prescriptions sincerely”
Lal: “Yes sir. I never skipped dose. On time everyday. Had enough sleep and did all the meditations that was given on the book’
Nurse: “Unbelievable. With all that money, it is really difficult to keep your mind wandering off !”, she remarked sarcastically.
Dr: “For God’s sake, why can’t you talk only when you are supposed to?”, the doctor became very angry.
Nurse: “Sorry sir! I usually speak my heart out”, she pleaded.
Lal: “unh! Bitch! Does not matter whether you speak your heart out or tits out!”, I told this to myself internally.
Dr: “It all looks positive as I said Mr. Lal. Today you will have your TS-3 test. Temptation test-3. The essential thing is to have control of mind. The more you let your mind wander, higher the chances for your erection and thereby complicating your problems further”
Lal: “Yes sir understood!”
Dr: “See, the problem with most males is, they let their mind to think of nasty things pretty early in life. But when they face the reality, say, when they have a sex bomb like your wife Payal right in front at his bed, males get super excited and cum out quickly.”
I was a little disappointed when this old man called my wife a sex bomb. He has seen her only once but this son of a bitch has managed to notice her supe swinging mammoth titties and tight bubble buttock. But it’s okay. No one can hide those molds as they seem to come out like a globe. The doctor continued,
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