The First Job- ‘Story Of Seduction and Lust’ | Chapter-2 | EP 03


“Come inside Priyanka darling and please don’t forget to bring towel with you,” Vikrant shouted from bathroom, after finishing his quick shower.

Priyanka stood up from the sofa, her heart was beating fast with the excitement. She rushed to the bedroom to see a towel on the bed. She picked it up and entered the bathroom.

Vikrant was standing just in his underwear. Priyanka inspected him from head to toe. Water drops were falling from his head to his shoulders and cascading down to his chest and abdomen. Priyanka was stunned to see a huge bulge under his underwear. The mere fact that he already had a hard-on even before she touched him, thrilled her.

“Do you want it Priyanka darling?” Vikrant asked her when he noticed her looking at his hard dick over the underwear.

“What!!! No, NO” Priyanka blushed when she see that Vikrant had caught her red-handed.

“Then what are you waiting for? Come forward and wipe the body of your secret lover,” Vikrant suggested mischievously. Vikrant’s seductive words ignited ember of her immoral desires.

Priyanka started wiping his chest first. She slowly wiped his chest and enjoyed looking at it up so close. Slow movement of her hands increased his pleasure hundred folds. He was looking at her as a predator.

Priyanka can guess what was running in his mind, as she saw lust in his eyes. Priyanka wondered where would he fuck her? if she allow him so. ‘Will he fuck me in here in the bathroom only?’ Priyanka thought. Suneel had never fucked her outside their bedroom so she gets so erotically aroused just thinking that how it will feel like to be get fucked in bathroom. Thrill involved in her this immoral act make the whole situation even more tempting.

After wiping his chest, she wiped his shoulders. Vikrant’s strong shoulders and muscular arms attracted her most. As she knew that he can lift her, in his arm just like a small baby. Her husband, Suneel, was not able to hold her, in his arm for half a minute also, when he tried fucking her, lifting her in his arm in standing position. But she knew that if allowed Vikrant can lift her easily and fuck her very hard for hours. She knew that her husband too weak to have adventurous sex. That’s why she was with Vikrant in his bathroom wiping his bare body.

“ Now I am going downstairs. Suneel can wake-up any moment and I don’t him to catch us like this.” Priyanka said after she wiped his upper body completely.

Vikrant looked at her helplessly. She knew that he wanted to drill her at that moment only. She was married for years now and she knew well that thought of sex was more erotic than the actual act. She knew his attraction towards her will subdue once he fucks her. So Priyanka decided to continue this of Seduction and see, till how long she can control herself.

“At least give a hug to your secret admirer,” Vikrant begged her.

Then she came forward and hugged him. Her huge boobs crushed under his chest while the smell of her sweat filled his nostrils. Sweaty smell of an erotically aroused woman is far more potent than any Viagra in the world. Priyanka felt his hard penis against her belly button. She can guess it was very hard and warm and ready to enter her. She closed her eyes to enjoys his proximity. At first, Vikrant kept his hands on her back but when he saw Priyanka closing her eyes in pleasure and enjoying, he slowly guided his hands towards her big tight ass and grabbed it over her track pant. Priyanka enjoyed the feel of his hands on her butts.

“Enough for now, Vikrant. Let me go now.” Priyanka said in his embrace.

“Are you sure? You don’t want to have some real fun under the shower?” Vikrant asked her teasingly.

“No” she mumbled.

Vikrant let her go since he had promised her that he won’t fuck her until she herself beg him to bang her pussy. Vikrant wrapped the same towel around his waist and closed the main door as she left. He had an amazing yoga session with Priyanka and then some seductive game. His dick was throbbing in captivity of his underwear. He Throw the towel and underwear in one go and started masturbating thinking about Priyanka’s sweaty smell and feel of her ass.    


Vikrant was lying naked on the sofa when his mobile rang. He picked up the mobile from the table and saw who was calling. It was a call from his father. His father ordered him to go to the main gate on his building. Vikrant quickly put on some clothes and went straight to the downstairs.
When Vikrant opened the gate, he found a young man in formal clothes, smiling at him.

“Hello Sir, This is the key of new your bike.” He said as he gestured towards a brand new bike parked right behind him.

“You made us proud by getting a job in a big company and now it is our turn to surprise you.” His father’s voice echoed as he called him to thank him. He was elated.

He clicked some photos of his new bike on his mobile and put them in his WhatsApp status. Then he went on his first ride of his new bike.

When Vikrant returned from his ride, he checked his WhatsApp. Most of his relatives and friends had congratulated him on his new bike. Then a message popped up. It was from Tanya, his colleague.

“When will you take me for a ride of your new bike?” She had written.

Vikrant read it and felt delighted. Who don’t love female attention?

“Send me your address. I will pick you up for a ride.” Vikrant replied.

To Be Continue …

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