The First Job- ‘Story Of Seduction and Lust’ | Chapter-2 | EP 05


When Vikrant closed the main gate and turned he found Priyanka standing by the entry door of his house, mischievously smiling at her. She was wearing a red colour suit on a black legging. Red colour of her suit was complimenting her fair complexion very well. Vikrant rushed to her and embraced her tightly. He immediately felt dizzy as the malty smell of Priyanka’s hot body hits his nostrils. All the married woman or the MILFs have this special smell when they are excited which can seduce any man. Vikrant had just started to revel in that erotic smell of Priyanka when she suddenly pushed him away and hastly went inside her house.

Vikrant followed her and once inside he said “What is wrong with you?” He was clearly irked by her weird behaviour.

“Why are you getting angry with me? We were outside and anyone could have seen us.” Priyanka clarified.

“It’s not my fault Bhabhi Ji, You were giving such a naughty smile that I lost my control. But by the way I can’t control anytime I see you, but I have to.” Vikrant started flirting coming close to her.

“Now don’t get started now lest we will get late.” Priyanka reminded him that they were going out for celebration today.

“I am already ready, It’s you who is yet to get ready,” Vikrant said.

“I am also ready,” Priyanka announced.

“Now don’t say that you will go out in this suit and salwar.” Vikrant quickly replied.

“So, what’s wrong about this?” Priyanka wondered.

“Nothing is wrong in it, but I want you to look hot and show some skin,” Vikrant said and entered her bedroom.

When Priyanka sneaked behind him, she saw him exploring her wardrobe. Priyanka ambled to her bed and curiously watched him sitting on it.

“You will wear this.” Vikrant said putting down a Pink colour chiffon saree on the bed besides her.

“Its blouse has very deep neck. It will attract unnecessary attention.” Priyanka replied after looking at the black blouse lying over chiffon saree.

“Its your next challenge Priyanka Darling, now quickly get ready and don’t forget to apply kajal on your alluring deep eyes.” Vikrant said sitting on the bed.  

“Hmm, go outside and let me get ready.” Priyanka responded picking up the saree.

“I am not going anywhere.” Vikrant winked at her.

“What do you mean? Don’t you want me to get ready?” Priyanka said incredulously.

“What I mean is that, I will sit here only and watch you getting wrapping this chiffon saree on your incredibly hot body,” Vikrant revealed his intention.

Priyanka’s body shuddered knowing Vikrant’s wicked intention. At the same time, she felt butterflies flying in her stomach. Vikrant never failed to surprise her, she thought.

“But I am not getting nude in front of you,” Priyanka said sternly. No matter how thrilled Priyanka was but she was yet reluctant to get naked in front of a man other than his husband. Afterall she was a Desi housewife who has just started to explore her hidden side with another man.

“I am not asking you to get nude. Go to the bathroom to change your underwears and then come out and wrap this sexy chiffon saree on your velvet akin soft sexy body.” Vikrant suggested.

Priyanka thought about it and nodded. Vikrant closes his eyes in anticipation as he saw her amble towards the attached bathroom. Vikrant started rubbing his semi erect penis thinking how Priyanka will look in just Bra and panty.

Vikrant opened his eyes only when he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. Priyanka was standing at the bathroom door and was looking downward to avoid eye-contact with the young man sitting on her bed.

Vikrant amusingly stared at Priyanka’s exposed body. Priyanka was wearing a black bra which covered only half of her boobs. Bra was tightly hugging her breast and its looks like her boobs were struggling to get free of the bra. Vikrant’s gaze cascaded towards her midriff to her sexy deep navel. Vikrant felt an urge to suck her navel. Vikrant noticed she was wearing petticoat over her panty. ‘So clever of her. She must have taken the petticoat when I closed my eyes,’ Vikrant thought.

Without saying a word, Priyanka picked up the chiffon saree and started wrapping it over her voluptuous body.

Vikrant’s fully hard penis then started to grizzle in her underwear. Vikrant had a hard time controlling his dick as he saw Priyanka wearing saree.

“I am ready.” Priyanka announced after she wore the saree and applied some light make-up on her face and kajal on her eyes.

“Then let’s go on our first date,” Vikrant replied, wrapping his hands around her waist. Vikrant took a quick glance at her deep cleavage as she was leaning against the mirror on dressing chair.

Priyanka was excited to hear the word DATE, she felt like a newly married bride.

“Seduction game has just started, Priyanka darling,” Vikrant thought with a  mischievous smile on her face. He had many more wicked challenges to make Priyanka bhabhi wet and desire his long hard Lund.

To Be Continue …

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