"The Rebel" – When son tries to catch mother red handed

“Enough is enough”, I thought. “Why in the world she is doing this to us? I can’t be silent anymore knowing all her rubbish business”, I talked to myself. Though I was this much frustrated, my legs were literally shaking. Such was terror of my mother that I hardly dared to disobey her and now you can guess how much harder it was for me to argue her.
As she opened her bedroom door and came out my heart rushed like never before. As expected, she was getting ready and with this new saree and all this makeup she was surely going out that evening too; as she frequently was over these few months, only to return at odd time of past 9. I tell you she was beautiful woman – very fair complexion, good face and slim body. But due to her strict nature I always feared of her. Even dad hadn’t argued her in any of her decisions over all these years of their marriage.
She was standing in front of mirror and adjusting her saree. “Shubham, have you cleaned your room? I will be little late tonight. So please cook rice yourself”, she said as she turned to door mumbling song.
“I won’t..”, I somehow managed to say.
She quickly turned back to me, “What just you said? “, she wasn’t expecting this answer from me. Her stare made me little nervous but I tell you I was so mad that time.
“Where are you going at this time?”, I.
“Shubham, don’t be too smart..”, Her voice was loud.”I think I haven’t given you enough attention these days. If rice is not ready by I came home, you will be in real trouble.”
“Where the hell you..are … going”, I questioned again.
“Who the hell are you to ask me? not even your father ever talked to me like this ever.”, She rushed to me in anger to hit me but stopped looking at the clock. “I will look at you later..” she said banging door off on my face and hurriedly.
I was sweating. As far as I know mother, I was going to have bizarre class tonight. I shouldn’t have talked to her – a thought came in my mind.
I took tea and was searching for rice but didn’t get it. I took second cup and was standing in balcony taking hot sips. There was little raining so cold breezes were hitting me. It will be some 7 p.m. and by then there was getting darkness outside and raining started with thunders and within no time all the surrounding was flooded with water. I felt little relaxed by then and suddenly bell rang.
I opened the door and guess what.. Mummy was standing at door.. all wet.. water dripping over floor. She literally pushed me back and ran to bathroom. It seemed like her planning has ruined due to rain. I laid on the sofa and surfing the TV. I was not in mood to talk with her.
“Why didn’t you cooked rice?”, hearing mother I turned to her.
She was standing just feet away from me wiping her free hairs with towel.
“Mummy I went for but ….AAAAH….”, she didn’t bother to listen me completely and twisted my ear.
“I did told you to keep rice ready by I came home.. you lazy, mouthy bastard..” she scolded me and slapped me over face.
“I am not lying mummy. I really didn’t found it”, I was telling her.
“Is that so? You didn’t get it? Then you won’t get meal tonight. I guess that will bring your head on track..” and she again slapped me hard. “Keeping track of me.. asshole..”, she left for her bedroom.
I wasn’t expecting anything different from this. She used to beat me for this and that reason and this time I have asked her about her inappropriate behavior of hanging out of home. In short, I was questioning her fidelity. How wouldn’t she react?
“Its time to do or die.”, I made up my mind and started thinking on my next moves to expose my mother. There was her phone lying on sofa next to me and an idea clicked in my mind. She would surely call her lover anyhow and I should not miss this chance. This will be strongest evidence against her – recorded conversation between my mother and her lover. I quickly picked it up and enabled call recording. After putting phone as it was, I left for my room. Despite my belief that the plan is full-proof, I was begging god that let things go as expected.
And then I hear her walking towards sofa and then returning to her bedroom and closing door behind her. I was sure that she had taken her phone along with her. Now my heart was pounding like never before. I tried to be relaxed trying to engage my mind into collapsing rain through the window but all my attention was to the adjacent room where my mother was talking on phone in low, suspicious voice. It was hardly 10 minutes, mummy was banging on my door.
“Subham.. Open the door.”
I quickly jumped on the bed and pulled blanket over me.
“Sleeping mummy… I am having headache”, I was frightened.
“That’s why I am here. to treat your head..”, her voice was harsh. “Don’t you hear me? Just open the door”.
I had no option but to open the door. As soon as I opened the door, she held her phone next to me. And asked –
“What the hell is this?”
I was so scared that I couldn’t even open my mouth. My whole body was sweating. She had found out about my plan. Now there was nothing which could save me.
“Are you spying on me? You asshole…”, she slapped me hard..”Why did you do this?. What you planned to do with this recording? you dirty mind..”, She twisted my ear.. “Speak up, you shameless..”`
“Wanted to bring real ‘you’ in front of dad”, I cried in anger, “What’s that important work you are always out of house? Do you have any sense how do you behave? Always mumbling on phone, laughing and what not.. I am old enough to understand your fucking affair.”, I continued, “ All colony laughs at us.. all our prestige.. do you even care about this?”
“Finished?”, Mummy’s eyes were red in anger, “If you are somehow to tell you father, tell him in detail all of your mother’s deeds… come here you asshole”, She pulled me by ear and bring to her bedroom.
“Come here you fucking asshole.. I will show you itself.. “, she pushed me to her bed, “You are the man of the house, isn’t? I should inform you everything. Where I go, with whom, what for, isn’t? Then I will tell you. Rather, I will show you.”
She threw mobile on my face and roared, “ Record it dear.. record it well and show your dear father. Let’s see what the shit he can do about it.”, she talked this and dropped her pallu off her chest.
“W..w… what the fuck is this? “, I was literally jumped.. But mummy instructed to keep quite with her finger.
“But.. mummy… listen me pls..”, I was telling but she was not in mood to listen anything.
“Look.. this is how Varma pulls off my saree..”, she quickly undid her beautiful saree by revolving about herself and thrown it on bed. “ummm…” she closed her eyes and moaned. Due to her nonstop talking she was breathing heavily and her chest was getting up and down. With shame I turned off my face to side.
“Look here you asshole. Don’t turn your head now. Look, this is how I stand in front of Varma and he leisurely observes my beauty, with his lusty eyes. Ummmmm…”, she again moaned. I quickly peeked at her and noticed her massive chest and deep navel. I was getting very hesitate. I was cursing myself for this recording adventure.
“Mummy I am feeling sleepy.. I am going to my bedroom”, I ran towards door.
“Don’t dare to move an inch. You fucking asshole”, she cried
“Sleepy head… Just like father. Got to marry beautiful woman like me but invain. I have slept countless nights unsatisfied, hungrily, hearing your dear father’s deadly snoring. “, she teased, “Now, these days, he don’t even have time to look at my face. Then what’s wrong if I offer myself to someone with interest in me? and I offered myself to him… fully..”, saying so she moved to undo her blouse.
“Stop it mummy.. for god’s sake..”, I ran to her and held her hands tightly. We both struggled due to which she got even madder. She slapped me hard and again pushed me on bed.
Watching me try to stand up, she roared, “You won’t understand this way..” and pulled my hands together and tied to bed over my head with her saree which was lying on bed. I was so helplessly lying on bed trying to avoid eye contact with mummy.
Then she laughed wickedly, “Lay down Shubham, just like that. I tell you everything. Everything about affair between me and Varma. Yes I have affair with him and not recently, but I am engaged with him since 3 years. And since he came to my life, he has satisfied me to core without which your dad had spoiled my life. So, I didn’t feel anything wrong with what I did.” She took off her blouse meanwhile and threw on bed near me.
I shied and turned my face toward other side of bed. But within moments her petticoat landed in front of me.. “ohh shit…”, I mumbled to myself. My heart was racing. I didn’t dare to open eyes. I was trying to ignore at her but her words, her movements was penetrating through my head and disturbing my brain. I felt her sitting near me on bed.

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