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Wife’s Striptease for My American Friends | Chapter 1

Sulekha was standing in the middle among the six guys seated, turning around in a circle. Her palu was fallen to the ground and her sari jacket and her midriff was completely exposed including her navel. She was looking down with a shy look, but I could tell that she was excited as well.
“Now, take your sari off the petticoat sweetie” said Jason.
Sulekha raised her head and looked at him. Her look was still serious but there was a glimpse of a smile. She clearly liked this young, tall guy with blue eyes.
“Why don’t you help her Jason” said Zack.
Sulekha didn’t protest. She kept looking at Jason, who got up and came close to her. He placed his two palms on either side of her exposed midriff and brought his face closed to hers. She moved slightly towards him, pushing her body against hers. I got a bit jealous by hardon got tighter.
“Ok, strip the sari off her” said Steve. Sulekha kept looking at Jason as if pleading with him not to do it. He brought his face within inches of hers and I thought he was going to kiss her. But he didn’t and instead brought his right hand to just below her navel. In an instant, he pulled a swath of her sari from under the petticoat. Sulekha jerked as if hit by electricity.
“There’s a pin” she said in a low voice closing her eyes.
“Ok, sweetie” Jason said. I wasn’t sure whether I liked Jason sweetieing my wife.
He moved his right hand through her waist, caressing it, searching for the pin. He found it soon and pulled it out. Sulekha jerked again. Her sari moved a bit and I could see that it was not stable anymore. My pretty wife is going to lose her sari soon in front of these strangers.
“Pull it out” someone. It might be Rick, one of the guys who remained mostly silent through the show.
Jason moved his hand under Sulekha’s palu and pulled more of sari out. He didn’t have to put his hand there and could have just grabbed it from outside. Clearly, he wanted to explore her skin under the palu.
Now her sari was almost completely off from the front. Jason turned Sulekha and put his hands on her back. She was now facing me. I saw her facial expression very clearly. She was looking down, eyes closed, as if surrendering to police or something. For a moment, I felt sorry for her. But I knew that inside she was enjoying the submission.
In a quick move, Jason pulled her sari out from her back. He let it fall. Sulekha’s beautiful greeen sari with flowers fell on the floor. She stood there, in her light green petticoat and jacket. Jason still stood there touching her waist. Her petticoat was also pulled down a bit from the rough treatment it received.
The guys clapped. Sulekha opened her eyes. She was facing Steve now, who was apparently controlling the proceedings.
“Sulekha, collect the sari” he commanded her.
She reflexively got down and started gathering it. Jason got down to help her.
“Thank you” she said. In a minute or so, they were done.
“Take it Jason” said Steve.
Jason did as told and went towards his seat, but not before hugging Sulekha. He quite openly squeezed her ass while doing so.
“Now show yourself to everyone” was the command to Sulekha from Steve.
She turned around slowly in a circle again. As she was doing it, I could see that a she was gathering courage and composure.
“Ok, party is over boys” She said in a somewhat commanding voice. She was trying to gain control. She might have thought that this has gone enough.
“Move your chairs so that I can go to the bedroom and change.” She continued.
“Wait, you have only gone halfway” said Steve.
“What? I said I’ll show how to remove the sari and I’ve done that. More than that. It’s over”
“No, we’re curious about your Indian dresses. What you are wearing now is still not a Western dress. You have to strip until we find things we’re familiar with” There were voices like “yeah”, “that’s what we meant” in support of Steve.
Sulekha sighed. She shrugged her shoulder and looked at me.
“What do you say Pavan?” She asked me.
All eyes turned to me. I could have probably supported Sulekha and stopped it. But my harden didn’t want that. And I knew that deep down, Sulekha wanted to continue this as well.
“Well, honey, you should keep your promise to the guests. They have expected you to give a full demonstration on stripping the sari”
There were sound of claps all around. Sulekha sighed again.
“Alright” she said reluctantly.
My slim, beautiful wife will strip to her undies. I didn’t thing it was going to stop there.
Sulekha stood in the middle of six horny white guys in her light green petticoat and sari jacket. It was a surreal and incredibly sexy sight. For a moment, I wanted to take a photo. My innocent wife, semi-nude in the middle of a bunch of guys sexually aroused guys. But I didn’t since it might spook her. She wouldn’t want such a picture end up in an Internet forum somewhere.
She was breathing slowly trying to take stock of the situation and gather courage. She was horny but it appeared that she wanted take control over the situation and not let it go out of hand.
“Alright guys, I will do it but won’t go around in a circle again. You can see clearly from where you sit” she said.
“Fair enough.” said Steve. They knew when to push Sulekha’s buttons and when not to. At the moment, there top concern appears to be getting as many clothes off as possible from Sulekha.
Even as Steve was saying this, Sulekha started unbuttoning the buttons in her blouse. It was as if she wanted to prevent someone from “helping” her take it off.
She was done in less than a minute and in one quick motion she removed it. She dropped it on the floor.
She was incredibly beautiful, standing there in her white bra and petticoat. Here breasts were not large, but pointed, firm and very nice. The bra showed a nice outline of them. And it showed her nice skin color.
But things were in motion and Sulekha immediately started to remove her petticoat. In one quick action, she loosened it and let it fall on the floor. The she stepped out of it. She was in all white, in her underskirt which was just above her kneed and her bra.
She looked around. The guys were somewhat stunned by her quick actions.
“You have to remove that also” Zack said pointing at her underskirt.
“Fine” she said. She might have decided that arguing over this is futile. It appeared that she wanted it to end.
She loosened the underskirt and let it fall. Then she stepped out of it and put it over the other clothings she has just removed.
And she just stood there. Her beautiful, slim thighs were in full display. Her white panty had some pictures of flowers which made it even more sexier. Then she turned. I saw that her ass was partially exposed. I’ve fucked her so many times but I just wanted to grab it. I could feel how these guys were feeling. They just stood there mesmerized.
“Happy?” asked Sulekha.
“Yes, you have a very nice body” Jason said respectfully.
“Thanks” said Sulekha.
“Now it’s over” she added.
The guys were looking at each other and started murmuring unsure of how to respond. Clearly, they didn’t want this to end but this was what she agreed to.
“Yes, it’s over” finally Steve started to speak. It looked like he had a plan. Sulekha looked concern.
“Now we would like to thank you. Jason here is an excellent massuist and he will give you a great massage to show our appreciation”
This was completely out of the blue and took Sulekha by surprise. Jason wasn’t an expert massuist, I knew that much. It looked like he was surprised as well. They were just exploiting the soft spot she has for him. They were planning to take her to a bed, get her restrained and who knows what.
“Well….” Sulekha wasn’t sure what to say.
“Thanks but not thanks” she said finally.
“Cmon, I know you will like it” this time it was from Jason. Sulekha looked at him unsure of what to do.
I desperately wanted this to happen. So I joined the conversation without any invitation.
“You have talking about wanting to get a massage for a while sweetie.” I said.
“Besides, it’s not nice to say no to a present” I added.
Sulekha sighed again.
“Alright” she said. Again, there were high fives all around.
“But…” she assumed a serious pose.
“This won’t happen again. This is the first and last time. I mean it” She said sternly. I twas clear that she meant it.
“ok, ok, sweetie” said more than one guy hurriedly.
This was officially moving from a striptease into something more.
Sulekha was just standing there unsure of what to do. The guys were slowly getting up but it looked like they too were unsure of what to do next. Anyway they were not taking their eyes off from Sulekha’s semi-naked body.
She was looking at Jason, her to be massuist, who was in front of me so her back was facing me. I should have said her sexy ass was facing me. Steve too was behind her and looking at her ass. Suddenly he looked at me and pointed her ass. From his hand he indicated that how he would squeeze it without saying anything. I just smiled silently. Zack saw this and he too smiled.
Suddenly Steve looked directly at Jason. He was still in charge it seemed. He pointed Sulekha by his head turned his head around as if to say “take care of her”. With this signal Jason came forward to Sulekha.
“Su, don’t worry” he said gently touching her right hand. She let him touch her hand. Again, I wasn’t sure whether I liked Jason treating my beautiful wife like his girlfriend. He has already come up with a sweet nickname “Su” for her. I would have been more comfortable if she treated her as a sex object. But it was too late to stop it.
Jason put his hand over Sulekha’s shoulder and gently turned her around. Now she was facing me. She looked at me. It was such a sight, my beautiful, slim wife in her panty and bra embraced by a young white guy looking at me with a confused and sexual look.
“Are you cold, sweetie?” Jason asked. Then he gently touched her chin and turned her face towards him. Damn, this guy is already acting like her boyfriend I thought.
Sulekha gently nodded. She might have been cold or might just have wanted to agree with her crush Jason.
“Guys, give her sari” Jason said. Someone handed her sari to him. He put it over her shoulders and awkwardly wrapped it around her. Sulekha helped him and held it in her hands.
Sulekha looked at me.
“You should have asked whether I was cold” she said. Well, she might have seen that I was feeling jealous and was pulling my heart string. She was a sexy bitch who was good at mind games.
Jason was elated. He started to walk her forward.
“C’mon let’s go. Bedroom is this way, right?” He asked her.
Sulekha nodded and followed Jason’s lead. He was taking her to the master bedroom where we usually fucked.
But not everything was cordial and loving. As Sulekha passed Steve, he suddenly grabbed her ass. The guys laughed. Sulekha looked at him but didn’t say anything. Steve made a face to her. She looked away.
“Don’t worry. come” Jason moved her forward. He might act like her boyfriend but he was protecting her from others. He was just playing his part in the act.
The guys started to follow Jason and Sulekha. Steve stopped them with a gesture of his hand. Then he looked at me and nodded me to follow them. It looked like he wanted us to give some privacy at least for a while.
Just as then Jason and Sulekha entered the bedroom. I followed them and in a few steps entered the room.
“Hi” I said awkwardly. Sulekha looked at me as if to ask where are the others. But she didn’t say anything.
“I guess we should take the quilt off” said Jason. Saying this he took it off the bed and put it on a clothes rack. Then he adjusted the pillows placing one in the middle and pushing others to the side.
“Su, come here and put your head down. I’ll give you a nice massage” he said.
“And you won’t need this anymore” he added. Then he slowly removed the sari, effectively stripping Sulekha again.
Sulekha obliged. She got on the bed and sunk her eyes in to the pillow. I realized why the guys wanted her in this position. Now she couldn’t see what is happening.
“I’ll start with the shoulder area, ok Su?” Jason said. Sulekha nodded. Then he put his hands in either side of her neck and started massing softly. It looked like Sulekha liked it from her movements.
“Pavan, do we have some lotion” Jason asked.
“Yes” I said and started to walk to the attached bathroom to get some. But I had to stop because just then the curtain of the door opened and the other guys slowly entered the room led by Steve. He put his finger on his lip indicating to me and Jason to be silent.
They had lotion with them. Kind of. Apparently, they have gone through kitchen cabinets and fridge while we were in the room. They had stuff – canola oil, butter, whip cream bottle, honey, winte and some more. I knew the idea. They were going to apply these on Sulekha so that they could lick her while…. Oh boy, this was going to be interesting.
To Be Continued…

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